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Are Women's Skis Really Different From Men's Skis?


Are Women's Skis Really Different From Men's Skis?

Women's Skis

Courtesy PriceGrabber
Question: Are Women's Skis Really Different From Men's Skis?

In a nutshell, yes.

The difference between men's and women's skis is more than just graphics, though a quick glance will reveal cosmetic differences. Women’s skis are lighter and softer to compensate for our lower muscle mass. The tips are shorter to keep our boots closer to the front of our skis, for better turn initiation. The waists are farther forward to accommodate our lower center of gravity. And the bindings are lighter and mounted farther forward, too.

Of course, many women ski on men’s, or unisex, skis. These should not be overlooked. But with all the improvements manufacturers have made to women’s skis, it makes sense to give them a try.

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