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Fera Angelina Stretch Pant

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Fera Angelina Stretch Pant
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The Bottom Line

The Fera Angelina Stretch Pant are extremely flattering ski pants, with a sleek, fashionable silhouette. You probably won't come across any ski pants that are more slim-fitting and stylish than these ski pants. However, these Fera stretch pants aren't quite the warmest ski pants on the market, and they are more suitable for milder weather rather than the coldest winter days.


  • Super-flattering, slimming fit
  • Sleek black design matches everything
  • Fashionable silhouette
  • Three different inseam lengths available


  • Not warm enough for the coldest conditions
  • Pricier than your average ski pants
  • Tight-fitting design is not favored by all skiers


  • “Entrant DERMIVAX” fabric is stretchy and comfortable, flattering curves and hugging legs to reduce muscle fatigue.
  • Zip-cuff with a gusset allows the pants to pull over your ski boots, with a stirrup to secure the pants.
  • Seamless waist that is both flattering and comfortable.
  • Comfortable micro-fleece lining.
  • Available in sizes 2-16, with three different inseam lengths (short, regular, and long).
  • Priced at $230.

Guide Review - Fera Angelina Stretch Pant

Fera’s Angelina Stretch Pant is possibly the most flattering ski pant on the market. These contemporary, hip-hugging pants fit like your tightest pair of jeans. Not at all retro or stuck in the past, the Angelina Stretch Pants look unbelievably modern and are available in three different inseams so that you can pull them down perfectly over your ski boots. The look is extraordinarily sleek, and truly flattering for almost all body types.

However, as fashionable as these ski pants are, their practicality doesn’t quite match up. The pants are waterproof and breathable. Yet while they will keep you warm on milder days, in colder conditions, they aren’t warm enough for most skiers. After all, due to the slim-fitting design of these ski pants, extra insulation would be bulky, and thus it is sacrificed for the fashion appeal. So, on the colder ski days, these pants aren’t your warmest option.

These Fera ski pants do boast quality features, such as stirrups that secure the inner-liners into your ski boots and a comfortable waist band. They are impeccably made and extremely comfortable to wear. There’s no denying that they look great and fit well, and are perfectly suited for milder days or spring skiing, but on colder winter days, you will want to break out something warmer.

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