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Top 5 Winter Olympics Cities


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Top 5 Winter Olympics Cities
Top 5 Winter Olympics Cities
Copyright Mark Kolbe / Getty Images
It's often thought that the Winter Olympics graces its host city with a long-lasting legacy, drawing visitors for years after the Olympians say their farewells and return home. Visit a place that has been home to the Olympic Games, and you'll experience for yourself the special touch that the Olympics has on a city.

After all, cities have to bid to host the Olympic Games, and the International Olympic Commission takes many factors into account when selecting a host city, such as a positive atmosphere and image, the city's size, its ability to handle huge crowds, and, of course, its location.

If a city wins a bid, it's worth keeping in mind that it just might be able to win your visit, too. Here are the top 5 Winter Olympic vacation destinations.

Read on: Chamonix, France

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