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Top 5 Gay Ski Weeks - 2013


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Top 5 Gay Ski Weeks 2013
Top 5 Gay Ski Weeks - 2013
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Are you in pursuit of a winter trip that's not just LGBTQ-welcoming, but LGBTQ-beckoning? A gay ski week vacation is a great choice for skiers looking for a gay getaway that's not just about top-notch skiing, but also about meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones, taking full advantage of the aprés-ski scene, and attending a variety of queer-centric events.

Because booking a gay ski week vacation usually requires purchasing hotel reservations, event passes and lift tickets, it's important you get the most bang for your buck. While there are quite a few gay ski weeks out there, a good way to start narrowing down your selection is to look for a getaway based in a ski town known for its skiing, but also known for its resort culture and aprés-ski scene. Towns that draw tourists tend to be quite popular among the gay crowd, too. Here's a selection of the best gay ski weeks for 2013.

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