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Skiing at Sundance Resort


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Skiing at Sundance Resort - Jake's Lift
Skiing at Sundance Resort
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This is the first new lift in 17 years, named after Jake Eberts, a film producer who had a home at Sundance and was very involved with the resort. He recently passed away, and this is Sundance's way of honoring him.

Jake's is a fixed-grip quad and makes it easier to hit the slopes on crowded days by providing access to the mountain from the upper end of the overflow parking lot, eliminating the need to take a shuttle bus from there to the base.

Skiers and riders exit the lift on the ridge where the Lower Maverick run begins. Advanced skiers can drop off to the Flathead lift and ride to the upper mountain, while less experienced skiers can do laps on Maverick or take the cat-track over to trails served by Ray’s Lift.

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