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Dining at Deer Valley

Dining At Deer Valley - Breakfast, Dinner and all Day Long


Dining at Deer Valley

Deer Valley

Copyright Mike Doyle
On a recent visit to Park City I had been invited to tour around the world class slopes of Deer Valley Resort with Deer Valley Ambassador of Skiing Heidi Voelker. You can be sure I wasn't going to miss meeting Heidi at 9 am in the Snow Park Lodge Lobby and so I hopped an early shuttle bus to the mountain and arrived a little after 8 am - just as the snow Park Restaurant opened for breakfast.

I don't like to eat a big breakfast before skiing and the Snow Park Natural Breakfast Buffet and two cups of coffee set me with the energy I anticipated I would need for a powder morning tour with our U.S. Ski Team three time Olympian.

Heidi is a most accommodating host and if I had filled up on the eggs Benedict or Belgian waffles and gotten tired, she would have skied me around only until my ski legs told us to quit. But, I was pumped for the morning and we skied all over the mountain until lunchtime.

Lunch All Over the Mountain

One thing about Deer Valley is that no matter where you are on the mountain - top to bottom - you don't have far to go for lunch or snacks. At the base you have the Snow Park Restaurant again for lunch or up Bald Eagle Mt. at the Silver Lake Restaurant - both offer my favorite - the Natural Salad Buffet.

You also have a choice of grilled platters, roasts, deli sandwiches and soups and chilies on the really cold days. For a quick pick-me-up I often go for a pastry and coffee. Both Snow Park and Silver Lake have fresh baked goodies.

I notice a lot of kid's love pizza for lunch while skiing, and the Bald Mountain Pizza is right in the Silver Lake Lodge with offerings of salads, wraps and salads as well.

If you are up doing some hardcore skiing off Flagstaff, Empire or Lady Morgan stop at the Empire Canyon Grill for your lunch break. Located at the base of the Ruby and Empire Express chairs, the Empire offers regular menu and gourmet grilling, my Natural Salad Buffet and panini sandwiches with soups and chilies.

No Royals-Only at the Royal Street Cafe

The food at the Royal Street Cafe is definitely fit for a king - or queen - as Heidi Voelker and I found out after a morning ski around. However, like a royal, announce your arrival with a reservation as it is sit-down dining service with a limited space.

It probably won't surprise you if I say I ordered an Asian Chicken Salad that was of entree proportion and topped it with a huge Oatmeal Raisin Jumbo Cookie and coffee.

This is Deer Valley award winning cuisine and service, and you can easily find yourself enjoying good food and company well into your afternoon ski time.


Traditional after ski winding down happens daily at both Snow Park Lounge and the Royal Street Cafe at Silver Lake Lodge. Fine wines, cocktails, assorted beers, and appetizers can be had in a warm comfortable atmosphere you will find hard to leave.

Dinner Time

Nor do you have to leave Deer Valley to enjoy fine dining because the Deer Valley experience of good food and attentive service doesn't stop when the lifts do.

There are four evening venues offering a variety of culinary disciplines and all are easily accessible by car - some by more exotic means such as by sleigh or by snowshoe.

Fireside Dining

This dinner of favorites from the European Alps at Empire Canyon Lodge features four courses served from stone fireplaces. One fireplace offers a first course centered with a warm Swiss raclette cheese, then you move to next fireplace for stews and fricassees made with filling Alpine ingredients such as veal, venison, and chicken.

Two more stops leads to the dessert fireplace, with chocolate, caramel, and white chocolate Grand Marnier fondue dips waiting to smother strawberries, bananas, apples, dried apricots, cinnamon pound cake and almond biscotti.

Seafood Buffet

If all the snow and winter chill leaves you hungering for a bit of seafood look no further than this award winning venue. The Seafood Buffet at Snow Park lodge offers a choice of fresh seafood, including sushi, chilled shellfish, hot seafood appetizers and entrees, along with grilled fowl, pasta, and prime rib, and a tempting menu of homemade desserts.

The Mariposa

The jewel of Deer Valley's Epicurean delights, the Mariposa, at Sliver Lake Lodge offers a blend of classic and current cuisine. Tasting menus which include Mariposa and vegetarian specialties presented by attentive and knowledgable servers eager to explain the intricacies of each dish.

The Mariposa has been named Best Restaurant in a recent Mountain Living's Best of the High Country issue and has been rated #1 in the Zagat Restaurant Guide.

The Royal Street Cafe

Located at Deer Valley's mid-mountain Silver Lake Lodge, the Royal Street Cafe also offers award-winning dinner cuisine nightly.

All the Deer Valley restaurants are favorite dining destinations for both locals and visiting guests. Reservations are highly recommended, and indeed are essential during peak vacation periods.

With award winning skiing, dining and service as only Deer Valley does you can be sure to enjoy an all day experience at Deer Valley Resort.

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