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Neff Land, Park City Mountain Resort's New Terrain Park

Sugary-sweet jibs and jumps in Neff Land Terrain Park


Neff Land, Park City Mountain Resort's New Terrain Park
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A decade ago, Shaun Neff, the CEO of Neff Headwear, first started his hat company's homegrown marketing campaign at Park City Mountain Resort. Now, the ski area is home to Neff Land, a new terrain park reflective of the brand’s fun, freestyle vibe.

"Ten years ago I gave the first Neff beanies away to the top snow athletes in the world at Park City Mountain Resort," said Neff, in a press release. "Now to have the opportunity to make the sweetest shred park in the world at one of the greatest mountains is truly an honor. Never have a brand and a resort come together to create a one-of-a-kind experience such as Neff Land."

Neff Land first opened for the 2012-2013 season. It is now a well-integrated part of Park City Mountain Resort's "I Ride Park City" freestyle community. The new park is another notch in the belt of the blossoming scene, which, with its popular Friday Night Jib Fight series, talented team, and star-studded event lineup, has been quick to take root at the resort.

Situated in the King Con mountain zone, skiers and boarders can loop Neff Land using the Eaglet lift. In tune with Park City Mountain Resort tradition, Neff Land is well maintained, with snow carefully groomed into corduroy lines. There is enough space between each jib to allow for spectators and amateur photographers to hang out on the sidelines, while also accommodating the aspiring freeriders who cruise through to take a look before trying out some tricks of their own.

Although Neff Land is the fourth crown jewel in the mountain's collection of parks and pipes, it sure stands out from its sisters. Conceptualized by company’s very own design team, Neff Land channels the brand's unique urban style with a funky "Candy Land" theme. With candy cane rails, snow cone jibs, cupcake features and cotton-candy-colored rails, the park is so well designed, the white snow almost looks like powdered sugar.

But, that’s not the only reason Neff calls it the "sweetest park on Earth."

While Neff Land’s features are marked Medium-Small, the skiers and snowboarders frolicking in the park certainly caught some big air. One boarder nailed a frontside 360, a skier aced his way down a rail, and, with a blonde ponytail bobbing in the air, another let out a holler as she soared over a massive jump, nailing the landing. Clearly, Neff Land is sure to satisfy any freestyle skier’s sugarplum dreams.

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