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Types of Skis

Information on the different types of skis used for downhill and cross country skiing.

Cross Country Skis
There are a variety of skis used for cross country skiing, ranging from light racing skis to wider telemark skis.

Powder Skis
Powder skis are wide (i.e. fat) skis designed to float through fresh powder snow.

Rocker Skis
The rocker ski is here to stay, just as the shaped ski took over all design. Why, because it makes for easier skiing and a easier learning curve.

The Rocker Ski Revolution
An interview with Lee Quaglia, owner of two time SKI Magazine's New England Shop of the Year, Aspen East Ski Shop in Killington Vermont wherein we discussed rocker skis in general and how K2 has implemented the rocker technology.

Sit-skis are mono-skis with a metal seat molded onto the board, making it more accessible for skiers with disabilities.

Telemark Skis
Telemark skis, also known as free heel skis, use a binding where only the toe (hence the free heel term) of the ski boot is attached to the ski.

Twin Tip Skis
Twin tip skis are named for the shape of the ski. Traditional snow skis have a curved front (tip) and a flat end (tail) while twin tip skis have curved up tips at both ends.

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