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Skiing Vail


Skiing Vail

Skiing Vail

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Coveted as North America’s top ski resort, Vail is an extraordinary winter vacation. With blue sky three hundred days a year and the most groomed terrain, families love to celebrate celebrate here. The experience is world class, from Snow Sports School to activities, entertainment and accommodations.

Vail Ski Resort
Vail Ski Resort profile including statistics, locations, directions, and reservations and accommodations information.

Vail Ski Resort Vacations
If you've skied in Europe, the first thought you'll have when you see Vail is that it reminds you of a ski village in the Alps. For those who haven't been abroad, Vail will give you a picture of what it's like to ski in parts of Europe. The plus is that even though Vail looks like a quaint old village - it's not.

Winter Skiing in Springtime at Vail
During a quick three day visit to Vail in early April, it started snowing just after midnight on the day I arrived, putting down a good 4" by morning. This was on top of 34" that had fallen during the last seven days. At dawn with temps in the high 20s there was no sign of spring skiing here.

Vail Photos

Skiing Vail
Skiing at Vail in early April when conditions were more like January with pockets of knee deep powder and a little sun for a grand finale.

Vail Village
An apres-ski tour through Vail Village at Vail Ski Resort, Colorado.

Lionshead Village
A before dinner walk through Lionshead Village.

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