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Squaw Valley

Skiing Squaw Valley


Squaw Valley

Squaw Valley

Copyright Jeff Engerbretson / Squaw Valley Ski Corp.
Squaw Valley USA is located in Olympic Valley, California, with over 170 ski trails served by 33 lifts. Squaw Valley became world-famous in 1960 as host to the VIII Winter Olympics. Offering 4,000 skiable acres, Squaw Valley USA is renowned for having the best lift accessed terrain in the world.

Squaw Valley

Squaw Valley
Squaw Valley profile including statistics, locations, directions, and reservations and accommodations information.

Squaw Valley Ski Tour
One of the highlights of my family ski vacation in South Lake Tahoe was taking a ski tour of Squaw Valley with Jonny Moseley.

Meet Tucker - Squaw Valley Ski Patrol Dog
If you ever find yourself lost or in an avalanche situation you'll be very grateful to have Tucker or one of his buddy rescue dogs sniffing at your ankles!

Squaw Valley Photos

Skiing Squaw Valley
Here are some great views and scenes on a bluebird day at Squaw Valley. Enough to make you plan your next trip back.

Skiing Squaw Valley with Jonney Moseley
Jonny Moseley, 1998 Olympic Gold Medalist, recently spent several days leading tours around Squaw Valley USA for his many fans and admirers. I had the opportunity to join one of Jonny's tours and to ski with him for a time after the tour.

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