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Skiing Kirkwood



Kirkwood powder

Mike Doyle
With over 2,300 acres of terrain, an annual snowfall of over 600 inches, and the highest base elevation in California, Kirkwood Mountain Resort is renowned for deep powder skiing.

Kirkwood Mountain Resort

Kirkwood Mountain Resort is located in Kirkwood, California, with 65 ski trails, served by 12 lifts and has the highest base elevation of any California ski area.

Skiing Powder at Kirkwood Mountain Resort
My main intent in going to Kirkwood Mountain Resort, legendary for lots of powder snowstorms rolling through, was to learn what it would take to help an eastern skier, not used to deep powder, to really ski some deep powder with control and confidence.

Kirkwood Photos

Kirkwood Ski Resort Photos
Photos of Kirkwood Ski Resort.

Kirkwood on a Bluebird Day
Skiing Kirkwood on a bluebird day.

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