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Skiing Aspen Mountain



Aspen Mountain

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Aspen Mountain rises 3,267 feet directly from the center of downtown Aspen, Colorado. With a variety of advanced and expert runs, including double-black steeps and challenging glades, Aspen Mountain is a paradise for advanced skiers.

Aspen Mountain

Aspen Mountain
Aspen Mountain is located in Aspen, Colorado and is one of Aspen Snowmass's four ski areas. With 76 ski trails and 8 lifts, Aspen Mountain is 0% beginner, 48% intermediate, 26% advanced, and 26% expert.

Aspen Ski Vacations
When you visit Aspen, you'll enjoy some of the best skiing in America as well as the Aspen ambiance, along with a welcomed feeling. A kind of feeling that makes you think you don't want to wait until next year to return.

Bumps For Boomers
Bumps For Boomers (BFB) is an innovative and popular clinic at Aspen Mountain, Colorado that is designed to teach the so called Baby Boomers and senior skiers the skills necessary to ski moguls and to ski powder. Joe Nevins, founder and coach of Bumps For Boomers is a dedicated, skis-on-the-snow instructor who takes pride in the program and smiles as wide as his successful clients.

Aspen Photos

Aspen Mountain
Aspen Mountain has a lot of advanced terrain. However, intermediate skiers shouldn't be intimidated, because there are Blue groomers and cruisers on the mountain, too.

Aspen in the Morning
Take a walk around Aspen with me early on a bluebird morning, before the lifts open, then close your eyes, turn around 3 times and make that big wish, again, "I want to live in Aspen, just once, for a little while."

Bumps for Boomers Photo Gallery
As part of the Bumps For Boomers clinic, skiboards are a training tool to eliminate bad skiing habits and to instill new contemporary skiing techniques for controlled mogul and powder skiing.

Aspen Liftopia Discount Tickets

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