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Skiing iPhone Apps

iPhone Apps for Skiers


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There are a variety of skiing, ski resort, and snow conditions apps available for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can download apps that will give you information on gear, ski and snow conditions, open lifts, weather, trail maps, and directions to both U.S. and international ski resorts.

Many iPhone applications are free. Before you buy an app, check for reviews in the iTunes store to make sure it's worth investing a few dollars.

How to Find iPhone Skiing Apps

To download an app to your iPhone, visit the App Store by tapping on the icon on your phone and search for the application you are interested in. Or, visit Apple's online App Store and use Power Search to search for an application using "skiing" or "ski" as keywords.

In addition to the following apps which have been around for a while, check out these new and updated top 2014 iPhone apps for skiers.

AlpineReplay Ski & Snowboard ((free)
AlpineReplay allows you to track your day on the mountain by measuring speed, distance, vertical, Calories and more. Made by skiers and snowboarders for skiers and snowboarders. The App can separate your runs, tell you which chair lifts you've taken, clock your time on the chairlift and more. Get a basic set of stats right on the slope or log in on AlpineReplay to see your progress over the season, compare with friends, push your stats to Facebook, and Replay your runs in 3D.

GPS Kit 6.0 for iPhone (fee)
GPS Kit 6.0, is now available for sale on the iTunes App Store and has several new features that skiers and snowboards are going to love.

In addition to the already massive list of stats that GPS Kit provides you can now see ski/snowboard specific stats. These include number of runs, vertical, slope and more. You can also export these stats to share with friends and family. Loading exported GPS Kit files into Google Earth will now give you an animated fly-through of your ski or snowboard tracks.

There's a lot of bells and whistles built into the GPS Kit 6.0 but don't panic, there's a very good tutorial to go with it. A great tool for seriously tracking your travel.

iPhone Gear Guide (free)
On the Snow's iPhone Gear Guide helps skiers and riders choose the best ski and snowboard gear by providing detailed information on skis, snowboards, ski boots, snowboard boots, and snowboard bindings. Users can filter their selection by gender, sport, ability level and terrain, and then compare their favorite selections. Users can also watch OnTheSnow gear videos, which provide detailed reviews, as well as Adventure Series ski videos.

Ski Tracks (.99)
Ski Tracks provides run-by-run analysis, comprehensive ski stats and graphs showing your elevation, speed, maximum altitude, miles skied, vertical skied, hours skied, slope degree, Google Maps with preview, a battery monitor, and built in iPod controls. You can also take photos and save your runs, so you can check back and compare.

Ski Utah iPhone App (free)
Ski Utah's iPhone app includes a 14 resort powder report, Yeti resort trackers, and hot deals and discounts.

Vail Resorts EpicMix (free)
EpicMix is an online and mobile application which allows skiers at Vail Resorts a seamless and easy way to connect with their friends and family and share their experiences on the mountain. The EpicMix app will alert guests when their Facebook friends are on the mountain, and can be used to send private messages to meet up. Skiers can also share their experiences with family and friends on Facebook and Twitter and track vertical feet skied and days on the mountain.

SkiTips (free)
The SkiTips iPhone App offer a new standard of skiing instruction, enabling skiers to take their skiing lessons on the slopes with them. SkiTips1 contains 30 lessons that teach all fundamentals of skiing as well as carved turns & unweighting turns. SkiTips2 contains 20 lessons that teach all the advanced techniques, including high speed carving, control turns, bumps, ice and powder.

In The Snow (free)
In The Snow's iPhone app contains ski and snowboard news from all over the world, and summaries of the top holiday offers for skiers.

REI Snow Report (free)
REI's Snow Report iPhone app covers all the basics and then some. There are reports from the US, Canada, Europe, Argentina, Australia, Chile and New Zealand, include the base, projected snow, weather forecasts, open lifts and trails, and , trail maps. It also shows tweets from the resort, web cams, and there's a link to the resort web site, as well.

Snowbird iPhone app (free)
Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort recently released version 2.0 of their iPhone application. The Snowbird app displays a variety of features and information geared towards skiing enthusiasts broken down through a simple navigation of Snow, Go, Show and Share. The Snowbird app is available free of charge at the Apple App store.

PeakLocation (fee)
Information on information mountain areas across the globe, encompassing 44 countries and over 1,000 mountains. Search for resorts, view maps and photos, check weather, and review resort summaries.

RealSki (free)
Skiers and snowboarders can use augmented reality (AR) for navigating trails and on-mountain features at select North American ski resorts. Skiers can view their surroundings while the app overlays digital graphics showing nearby lifts, runs and resort facilities in real view and real-time.

Navionics Ski App (fee)
Locate ticket offices, lodges, lifts, ski schools, favorite slopes, and more in Navionics 2D map or 3D satellite modes.

OntheSnow (fee)
OntheSnow's iPhone apps allows users to choose from more than 2,000 resorts worldwide and track up to 16 resorts. Reports include open status, surface conditions, new snow and base depths. Languages include French, Spanish, German, Italian, Norwegian, and Swedish.

Ski and Snow Report (free)
The Ski and Snow Report app provides the location of nearby ski areas via GPS coordinates, highlights the ski areas with the most snowfall, provides access to live ski area cams, and weeather forecasts by ski area. View and publish first hand ski reports direct from the slopes.

Ripxx Ski and Snowboard App (fee)
It works through GPS and Google Maps to guide you through trails of over 200 mapped out resorts. It also records stats such as speed, time, and distance for those more extreme athletes.

Ski Guide (fee)
The Ski Guide iPhone app provides information on over 600 Ski Areas in the United States and Canada. You can find the closest ski area to your location, determine the resort with the highest vertical drop, longest run, largest acreage or best lifts. The app include one-click access to weather forecasts, maps, resort web sites, and trail maps.

Ski-o-Meter (fee)
Download the app, tap the play button, start skiing and Ski-O-Meter meter will display both your maximum and average speed, and how much distance you have covered.

SkiVactionDeals (fee)
The SkiVacationDeals iPhone app gives you the latest deals added weekly during the ski season, let you find deals to your favorite ski resort, e-mail deals to your friends, email the travel company with questions, and get more deal info from the website.

Snocator (fee)
Snocator has GPS ski trail maps, snow reports, and weather coverage for ski areas in North America. Keep in mind that you only get it for the season when you buy it, you'll have to pay again next year.

Snow and Ski Report Apps
There are a a variety of snow condition and ski report apps available for your iPhone, iPod Touch or other smart phone. You can download apps that give you ski and snow conditions, weather forecasts, open lifts maps, and directions to ski resorts.

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