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Ski Games iPhone Apps

Skiing iPhone Game Apps


Ski Games iPhone Apps
Image Copyright Apple
When you can't make it to the slopes, there is a good selection of ski game iPhone apps you can play on your phone including alpine ski racing, ski jumping, and freestyle trick park games.

Many iPhone ski game applications are free. Before you buy an app, check for reviews in the iTunes store to make sure it's worth investing a few dollars.

How to Find iPhone Ski Game Apps

To download an app to your iPhone, visit the App Store by tapping on the icon on your phone and search for the application you are interested in. Or, visit Apple's online App Store and use Power Search to search for an application using "ski" or "ski game" as keywords.

Ski Jump
Ski Jump lets you compete against people around the world in a ski jumping simulation. You time your jump, then use tilt controls to maximize your lift, then land. It was featured on the App Store as a Best Winter Game. Ski Jump Lite is free, there is a fee for the full version.

Alpine Racer
Alpine Racer includes both skiing and snowboarding. Game players do aerial tricks and attempt to win the King of the Mountain challenge course in 3D. Alpine Racer Lite is free, there is a fee for the full version.

Doodle Ski(fee)
Ski down the Doodle Apps and take on fog, rock slides, angry penguins, avalanches, angry yetis, and even an alien attack.

Ski down the mountain without crashing into a tree, rock, or deer. Gain points and a spot on the High Score list by hitting a snowman or mounds of snow that will speed your over the trees and down the slopes.

Ski Racer(fee)
Test your reflexes and see if you have the skills to get the Gold. Avoid trees, rocks, pines, and ski through slalom markers.

Solipskier (fee)
Solipskier is a fast paced skiing game where you draw the slopes to pick up speed and do jumps. Paint your own cliffs, do tricks and ski through gates to get the highest scores.

Touch Ski 3D (fee)
Touch Ski 3D from the The Ski Channel include four difficulty levels, freestyle trick parks, race courses, slalom courses, ski jumping, ski school training, online and personal high scores, plus live ski news and streaming video content from The Ski Channel.

Skiing iPhone Apps
There are a variety of skiing, ski resort, and snow conditions apps available for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can download apps that will give you information on gear, ski and snow conditions, open lifts, weather, trail maps, and directions to both U.S. and international ski resorts.

Snow and Ski Report Apps
There are a a variety of snow condition and ski report apps available for your iPhone, iPod Touch or other smart phone. You can download apps that give you ski and snow conditions, weather forecasts, open lifts maps, and directions to ski resorts.

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