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Technology and Innovation

Ski technology and innovations including innovative types of skiing and new ski equipment technologies and techniques.
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Outdoor Retailer Winter Market Show
The annual Outdoor Retailer Winter Market Show brings together all the winter recreation hard and soft goods makers to display what they have that's new and exciting for the 2014-15 winter recreation season.

Skiing iPhone Apps
There are a variety of skiing, ski resort, and snow conditions apps available for your iPhone and iPod Touch. You can download apps that will give you information on gear, ski and snow conditions, open lifts, weather, trail maps, and directions to both U.S. and international ski resorts.

Top 2014 Phone Apps for Skiers
Here's a selection of some of the best ski and snow apps for 2014.

Snow Report Apps
There are a a variety of snow condition and ski report apps available for your iPhone, iPod Touch or other smart phone. You can download apps that give you ski and snow conditions, weather forecasts, open lifts, maps, and directions to ski resorts.

Ski Games iPhone Apps
When you can't make it to the slopes, there is a good selection of ski game iPhone apps you can play on your phone including alpine ski racing,ski jumping, and freestyle trick parks.

Ski Industry Technology and Innovation - 2013
Curious about the ski industry's latest inventions, innovations and novelties? Check out this list of ski industry advances for the 2012/2013 ski season.

Grass Skiing
Grass skiing is a developing sport of skiing on grass. Grass skiing is a great sport for alpine skiers, but also an enjoyable activity on its own. Here's more on grass skiing, including grass skiing information, grass skiing equipment, and grass skiing ski resorts.

Heli-skiing is is off-trail, downhill skiing that is reached by a helicopter, not a ski lift. Heli-skiing can be a great opportunity for all skiers. Here's heli-skiing tips and information.

Ski Biking
A ski-bike (or snow bike)is a bicycle-like device with skis instead of tires. Your boots are strapped to the skis and the handlebar is used to steer.

Rocker Skis
The rocker ski is here to stay, just as the shaped ski took over all design. Why, because it makes for easier skiing and a easier learning curve.

Sweetspot Ski Trainer
The Sweetspot Ski Trainer attaches to ski boots and with interchangable blocks under mid-foot challenges brain/ski boot coordination and balance.

Snowblades are short shaped skis, typically 90-130cm, and are also called skiboards. Snowblades use traditional bindings, so you can use your own boots to ski with them.

How To Go Skijoring
Skijoring is the sport of being pulled on cross country skis by a dog or dogs in harness - it's a combination of dog sledding and cross country skiing. Here's how to go recreational skijoring.

Snocator iPhone Application
Useful Networks, a subsidiary of Liberty Media Corp., has launched a new iPhone application dubbed Snocator. The program was tested last year at vail resorts Inc. and is now available for a one-time fee of $5.99. Snocator has GPS ski trail map coverage for over 70 ski areas in North America, and it has a mountain cams available for resorts throughout the world.

Z-Master Measuring Machine
Z - MASTER is a free standing, fully automated measuring machine designed to use state of the art ultrasound and anode lighting technology to measure ski shop rental customers. The machine measures ones height, weight, shoe size (both length and width) with no data entry or guessing by the consumer.

Symbiotechs USA
The XT9 Energy Storing Prosthetic Knee (ESPK) is designed for high activity above the knee amputees and is the first prosthesis designed to enable AK amputees to enjoy extreme sports at the top level.

Snow-Q is committed to bringing snow sports into the 21st century with a focus on innovation and usability.

Therm-ic FootWarmers
Battery operated footwarmers and footwarmers with semi-custom insoles so you can ski all day without getting cold feet.

Skiing Apps Reviews
Skiing iPhone Apps Reviews: Read reviews of skiing, ski resort, snow conditions, and weather iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and more phone apps from About.com readers and add your reviews to the list. See submissions

Rocker Skis - The Rocker Ski Revolution
An interview with Lee Quaglia, owner of two time SKI Magazine's New England Shop of the Year, Aspen East Ski Shop in Killington Vermont wherein we discussed rocker skis in general and how K2 has implemented the rocker technology.

Wagner Custom Skis
Wagner custom skis are designed based on your age, weight, height, skill level, type of terrain you ski and how often, your binding type, the brand of model of your current skis and how you feel about, them and the subjective and very useful "What are you looking for?"

Skiing Games
Looking for a skiing game? Look no further. Here's an overview of some of the top skiing games on the Internet.

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