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Ski Resort Opening Days

Open Ski Resorts, Projected Openings, and Closings


Ski Resort Opening Days
Courtesy Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort, Pete Grannis Photography, and Bob Winsett
Keep in mind that depending on the whims of mother nature, ski resorts could open early, openings could be delayed, or the resort could close early or stay open longer than planned.

Before you head to the slopes, check directly with the ski resort to confirm that it's open.

Open Ski Resorts and Projected Opening Days

Open Ski Resorts
List of open ski resorts from SnoCountry.

SnoCountry Ski Resort Openings
Click on the region, state, or ski resort to get updated opening and conditions information.

Colorado Ski Resort Opening Days
Planned opening days for Colorado ski resorts.

New York Ski Resort Opening Days
Click on the mountain on the map for New York ski resort opening and conditions information.

Utah Ski Resort Opening Days
Utah ski resorts opening days.

Vermont Ski Areas Opening Days and Conditions
Vermont ski area conditions and snow reports.

Ski and Snow Reports
Ski reports, snow reports, snow making, open trail information, as well as reports on the amount of new and base snow, for U.S. and International ski resorts.

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