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Women's Ski Clinics

Attend a Women's Ski Camp


Women's Ski Clinics
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Women’s ski camps foster a strong sense of camaraderie while allowing female skiers to build upon their skiing skills and their confidence in a comfortable environment. Whether you’re looking to attend a clinic with your girlfriends or plan on going solo, it’s likely that you’ll see a significant improvement in your skiing technique, and gain a few great friends along the way. If you’re considering doing a women’s ski camp, here’s more information on women’s ski camps.

Why Attend a Women’s Ski Camp?
Women’s ski clinics offer a supportive environment for female skiers to improve their skiing. Because the number of skiers allowed to enroll in each camp is often limited, smaller groups allow for one-on-one coaching and also help women develop friendships with their instructors and peers. All the instructors are professional female skiers, which not only increases the comfort zone of each participant but has technical benefits as well. There are physical differences in the way men and women ski due to differing anatomy and bone structure, and female coaches know how to work with these differences and assist each woman in tuning into the intricacies of her technique. Many women’s ski clinics also include a social aspect which makes for a successful, but enjoyable, learning experience.

Are Women’s Ski Camps for All Levels?
Many mountains offer differ camps for beginners, intermediates, and experts, though most are targeted to women who can ski blues through double blacks. However, there are some resorts that offer camps specifically targeted for women learning to ski, so if you’re a beginner, you’re likely to find a camp that you can participate in.

How Much do Women’s Ski Camps Cost?
There are a variety of packages available that make women’s ski camps accessible to almost all skiers. Expect to pay between $300-800 for a three to four day camp, not including lift tickets, though the price varies based on the resort and the length of the camp. Some resorts offer all-inclusive packages that hover around the $1,000-$2,000 range, but include lodging, lift tickets, and perks such as spa treatments and meals. On the other end of the spectrum, some resorts offer single-day women’s lesson packages for about $100-200. Either way, the earlier you book, the cheaper the cost will be.

What Can I Expect at a Women’s Ski Camp?
Generally, the itinerary at a women’s ski camp would include a meet-and-greet on the first day with free skiing to determine skill levels and establish groups. Skiers are coached each day by female instructors, and some camps include the opportunity for each skier to be videotaped in order for her to get a better idea of how to improve her skiing. Depending on the skill level of the group and the conditions, skiers will have the opportunity to scout out moguls, glades, and steeps under the guidance of professional instructors who work diligently to help each women build upon her technique. Opportunities for group breakfast, lunches, dinners, and drinks are often offered, as well as off-the-slopes activities such as snowshoeing, shopping, spa treatments, fitness classes, and presentations on gear and technique. Some ski camps culminate with a dinner party. Although the camps are primarily focused on skiing, many include après ski social activities as well that build lasting friendships between skiers.

Booking Women’s Ski Camps
Check in with your favorite mountain and inquire about if they offer a women’s ski camp. Make sure you sign up as early as possible to insure that you get a spot—these camps tend to fill up early because most of the participants are returning customers who come year after year for camp. When researching different women's ski clinics, make sure to check if lift tickets and lodging are included, and if not, whether or not there are discounts available. Also, if you sign up early, you’re more likely to score a price much lower than if you were to sign up late.

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