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Best Ski Towns


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Park City, Utah
Best Ski Towns
Photo Copyright Park City Mountain Resort
Population 8,000, Park City, Utah neighbors three of the best ski resorts in the nation: Park City Mountain Resort, Deer Valley Resort and The Canyons.

Although those three crown jewels would be more than enough to keep any skier entertained for a week, the town of Park City is an experience all its own. With its roots as a historic mining town, Park City is complete with quintessential Western architecture that rounds out the Utah ski experience.

Not only does Park City offer an abundance of restaurants, including the fine-dining gem, Talisker on Main, but there a surprising number of unique bars and saloons.

Of course, the town really comes alive when the Sundance Film Festival rolls into town. The internationally-acclaimed film festival draws over 50,000 people - celebrities included - to Park City and to the surrounding towns that also screen films.

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