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Best Ski Towns


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Best Ski Towns
Best Ski Towns

A view of the Breckenridge town, from the neighboring Baldy Mountain.

Copyright Walter Bibikow / Getty Images
At first guess, you might think the recipe for a successful ski vacation is rather simple: great skiing, and a good place to sleep at night. However, there are other factors that come into play, too. Some ski resorts are nestled in the belly of rural wilderness; others are situated in spirited towns that have a life of their own.

While it's true that ski resorts in rustic locales do have their merits, if you're seeking a dynamic experience that extends beyond the ski resort, look for mountains located in lively towns. Sometimes, the most vibrant vacations are a product of animated ski resort towns, which boast a host of stores and boutiques, varied dining options and multiple aprés-ski sites.

Read on to review some of the best ski resort towns in the United States. Each town neighbors top-notch ski resorts, while contributing a dose of mountain culture that will make for full-featured, full-flavored ski vacations.

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