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Elan 2012/2013 Skis

A Selection of Line Elan 2012/2013 Skis


There's a lot of buzz out there about Elan's 2012-13 ski lineup. Typical for Elan there is a lot of engineering and design tweaking on their successful Amphibo series where the The Fusion binding system now got an upgrade making for a 15% weight reduction per ski. The Amphibio technology is now available on a wider range of skis including two Lightskiing models specific for women.

Actually 'Lightskiing' is a new concept Elan has introduced specific to women's skis following the simple formula EasySkiing + LightWeight = LightSkiing.

Elan has gone deep in their Touring series but keeping everything light thanks to the to the innovative Bridge technology - an extremely lightweight Woodcore construction and Fibreglass reinforcements. Also, for touring Elan is introducing the Adrenalin 16 hybrid binding to make for easier uphill while solid on the downhill.

For park lovers Elan's Freestyle series the TBT - Triple Base Technology - incorporates 3 different base angles in the top and bottom 3rd of the skis to makes take-offs smooth and landings soft.

That's a lot of new stuff and as the folks at Elan say:

"PASSION. Elan is a global brand with over 65 years of skiing and snowsports passion. We push the limits of innovation and construction because we know that your passion drives you to go beyond. Elan knows that every snowsport enthusiast is unique. So whether your sights are set on the backcountry, front side groomers, bagging big air, or riding the rails, let Elan's passion be your inspiration."

Here's a look at some of the Elan 2012-13 lineup and read more about these and the whole collection of 2012-13 Elan skis.

Amphibio WaveFlex 88 XTi Fusion

The Elan Amphibio ® Waveflex 88 XTi was designed by Porsche Design Studio and showcases the revolutionary Amphibio ® technology - combining rocker and camber profile all in one ski. Add WaveFlex profile, RST sidewall, Laminated Woodcore and Titanium reinforcement to the equation and you get a truly unique ski for all snow conditions.

Lengths 170, 178 and 186 come as 136-88-116


The new Himalaya, designed especially for the Touring series and the Bridge construction - an extremely lightweight Woodcore construction and Fibreglass reinforcements - ensures lightweight and excellent performance. The Mountain Rocker Profile with moderate tip rocker delivers better floatation with easy turn initiation.

Lengths 163 comes as 125-95-112
Lengths 170 comes as 125-96-113
Lengths 177 comes as 127-97-114
Lengths 184 comes as 128-98-115

Ilumina Fusion

The Elan All-Mountain Ilumnia Fusion comes with the Early Rise Rocker profile and women’s-specific Heel Support Sidewall adding lithium for reinforcement without extra weight The Dualite Woodcore make these skis easy to handle regardless of the snow conditions.

Lengths 140, 146, 152 and 158 come as 124-75-104

Pinball Pro QT

The Elan Pinball Pro QT is an excellent tool for the young freestyle skiers. Twin-tipped, with Full Power Cap construction and Early Rise Rocker profile, these skis are lightweight, ensure easy turning, and will encourage young skiers to try new tricks every day.

Length 105 comes as 106-80-102
Length 115 comes as 108-80.5-103
Length 125 comes as 110-81-105
Length 135 comes as 112-81.5-107
Length 145 comes as 114-82-109

Puzzle TBT

The new Elan Puzzle TBT - Triple Base Technology - may very well redefine park skiing by incorporating 3 different base angles in the top and bottom 3rd of the skis. With the middle part flat and the tips and tails slightly lifted, the tendency to catch an edge and cut away unintentionally is reduced, allowing a more relaxed and safer ride.

166 comes as 119-85-111
171 comes as 120-86-112
176 comes as 121-87-113
181 comes as 122-88-114

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