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DPS 2012/2013 Skis

A Selection of DPS 2012/2013 Skis


I mentioned last year that DPS was deep into R&D work on a new revolutionary ski dubbed the 'Spoon.' Well, DPS engineers are satisfied and the 'Spoon' is ready to order. I say satisfied, and at DPS that means today the Spoon is at it's best, but the company is very R&D focused keeping the engineers ever in pursuit of the Holy Grail of skis and they don't rest on their awards so there will always be something new in the DPS pipeline.

This season there's a lot of excitement at the DPS headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT about the new Spoon and a few other new tweaks and features throughout the DPS lineup. Here's what the folks at DPS have to say about the 2012-13 collection.

"A leader in innovative design and shaping, DPS was founded as a design based/grassroots company to build the perfect ski. We see the ski, skier, and ski builder as an intimately connected triangle; and we keep that tight knit relationship through our direct sales channel and dealers. DPS customers are among the best skiers in the world, and are technically savvy folks with an obsession for trick skis. Our founder Stephan Drake has spent his life traveling the globe chasing powder in some of the most storied locations. His obsession from the start was to solve a pain point of providing the most advanced ski shaping coupled with the very best materials available.

"DPS designs the world’s most advanced skis. Located at the base of the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City, DPS introduced the world’s first and only Pure pre-preg carbon fiber sandwich ski, the first 120mm powder pintail, transferred the word “rocker” from surfing to skiing—then built the first rockered ski with sidecut—and will now unleash the Spoon. The fusion of space age carbon technology and groundbreaking shaping has resulted in the world’s most advanced quiver of skis. DPS Skis are sold on four continents and are a trusted brand of serious skiers worldwide.

"This season, DPS has continued to receive awards from several publications including Outside and Powder Magazine. Introduced last winter the Wailer 99 — “the Daily Driver redefined,” is proving its worth with several awards. Additionally, DPS continues to receive accolades for all models including the Wailer 112RP, Cassiar 80, and Lotus 138 — the most evolved and tested powder ski on earth and the first rockered ski with sidecut.

"For DPS, the 2012-2013 winter is the year of the Spoon. The Spoon has been DPS’ most elaborate shaping R+D project. It has taken four complex 3-D prototypes to dial in the shape and refine the final production version that will be available this fall. Furthermore, DPS will be releasing several exciting stories and products debuting at the winter trade shows."

Following is a selection of 2012-13 DPS skis. Read more about these and the whole collection of 2012-13 DPS skis and don't forget DPS is very web saavy. If you are not sure what DPS ski is right for you fill out the Skifinder and then chat it up with a DPS rep and, for sure, they will have you on the right ski.

Lotus 138

The Lotus 138, the first rockered ski with sidecut ever built, has gone through four rocker evolutions over five seasons of Alaska R&D, making it the most evolved and tested powder ski on the planet.

Length and Tip-Waist-Tail dimensions:
Lengths 182, 192, 200 come as 140-138-139


The Spoon features a convex 3-D shovel combined with a single-radius underfoot rocker and radical edge bevel for the ultimate in powder surfing sensation. The Spoon draws upon years of experience gained from refining the Lotus 138 and Lotus 120 and results in a ski that requires very little up-and-down movement in deep powder.

This is the year of the Spoon. The Spoon has been DPS’ most elaborate shaping R+D project. It has taken four complex 3-D prototypes to dial in the shape and refine the final production version. Enjoy!

Length and Tip-Waist-Tail dimensions:
Lengths 190 comes as 158-148-151
Spoon video

Wailer 112RP

The Wailer 112RP combines the loose and early planing feel of a fully rockered ski with aggressive sidecut and slight camber underfoot. It’s engineered to be a one ski quiver for planing powder in the morning, laying trenches down to the lift on the groomers, and slaying crud in the afternoon. The rockered and tapered tips and tail allow the Wailer 112RP to get loose and be driven from the ball of the foot in deeper snow

Length and Tip-Waist-Tail dimensions:
Lengths 168, 178, 184 and 190 come as 141-112-128

Wailer 99

The Wailer 99 is the 'Daily Driver' - redefined. Based on the award-winning Wailer 112RP platform, it has similar versatility just in a narrower package. The Wailer 99 utilizes the 3-D PaddleTech Geometry™ — DPS’ original blend of rocker and variable sidecut.
So, when the snow becomes mixed or soft, the gradually rockered paddle sections of the tip and tail allows the skier to access longer, variable turns, slarves, and off-edge control.

Length and Tip-Waist-Tail dimensions:
Lengths 168, 176, 184 and 192 come as 127-99-111

Wailer 99 video

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