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2012/2013 Skis

2012/2013 skis for men, women and juniors.

Top Skis
Are you shopping for skis? These brands have proven themselves every season. Here are the top five ski manufacturers.

DPS 2012/2013 Skis
For DPS, the 2012-2013 season is the winter of the Spoon. The Spoon has been DPS’ most elaborate shaping R+D project. It has taken four complex 3-D prototypes to dial in the shape and refine the final production version that is now available.

Dynastar 2012/2013 Skis
Dynastar handcrafts the highest quality, laminate-construction skis from the Chamonix valley, as it has for almost 50 years. The highlight for Dynastar in 2012-13 is the Cham Series which features a unique new design that delivers superior performance, ease-of-use and edge-grip so that all skiers can master even the toughest mountains inthe world.

Elan 2012/2013 Skis
Elan has been very busy in the engineering department preparing their 2012-13 designs. They are introducing the TBT - Triple Base Technology - redefining park skiing by incorporating 3 different base angles in the top and bottom 3rd of the skis and the 'Lightskiing' concept, designed for women and follows the simple formula: EasySkiing +...

Line 2012/2013 Skis
For the 2012-13 season, Line has several new models including the Traveling Circus which is branded after the now famous line Traveling circus video series.

Moment 2012/2013 Skis
Moment skis are made in America and skied the world over. For the 2012-13 season Moment offers 16 models across five categories.

RAMP 2012/2013 Skis
RAMP has made a big commitment to being one of the very few ski manufacturers tooling skis in the good old U.S.A. by setting up shop in Park Cty, Utah. Using state-of-the-art equipment RAMP is making award winning skis and snowboards in an environmentally and socially conscious production.

Rossignol 2012/2013 Skis
By blending modern ski technology with high-performance materials, human intuition, and a deep understanding and appreciation for every skier’s needs, Rossignol 2012/2013 skis offer award-winning products in every category, for every skier level.

Völkl 2012/2013 Skis
For the 2012-13 ski season Völkl R & D engineers have come up with new and exciting innovations and designs most notable of which is the super-premium V-Werks series.

Top 10 2013 Cool Ski Graphics
Although most people buy skis for function, not fashion, cool ski graphics never hurt anyone, especially given the recent trend towards the wild style embodied by the free ski culture. After a comprehensive review of all the 2013 skis on the market, the design of these men's, women's and junior skis beat out the rest.

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