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Head 2011/2012 Skis

A Selection of Head 2011/2012 Skis


Head has been been ahead of the curve in ski design and engineering since Howard Head developed the first laminated metal ski in 1947 and they are still making innovations today. Here is a few words from Head-quarters on the 2011-2012 lineup:

"HEAD racers dominated the 2010-11 world cup season capturing seven Globes, more than any other ski brand and won more Gold Medals than any other ski brand at the Garmisch World Championships. That same commitment to success in race skis is seen throughout the 2012 Head family of skis, boots, and bindings."

"Leading innovations such as the all-new Adaptive Fit technology allow skiers to change the width of their boots (and therefore dial into unmatched comfort) with the simple twist of a screw.  Rocker and traditional camber are found in HEAD skis allowing a perfect match for any slope.  HEAD provides a winning combination no matter where or how you ski."

Here's information on a selection of skis from the Head 2011-2012 collection. Read more about these and all the Head skis.



i.Peak 90 - All Mountain Freeride Ski


The i.Peak 90 All Mountain Freeride ski is the next generation of the legendary HEAD Monster. It is the widest of the Peak line and built with Sandwich Construction and Flow Ride Technology for experts with powder in mind.

 Lengths 163, 170, 177, 184 come as 132-89-115

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Rock'n Roll 94 - Big Mountain Ski


From the Head Big Mountain 2011-12 collection the Rock'n Roll 94 constructed with twin tip sandwich construction with Flow Rise Technology and 94 mm waist for backcountry and all mountain performance.

Lengths 152, 159, 166, 173, 180, 187 come as 132-94-119

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MYA N° 4 PR - Women's All Mountain Ski


MYA - that's Head speak for the "Meet Your Aspirations" tag on the Head women specific ski which further shows their commitment to "100% by women, 100% for women" which has been the motto ever since Head launched their women's line.

The MYA N° 4 PR MYA N 4 PR, made with Intelligence Technology and PowerRail is an intermediate/advanced ski designed with a sidecut for groomed slopes, yet stable enough to venture off-piste.

Lengths 149, 156, 163 come as 119-73-106

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CV 81 - Junior Park Ski


The CV 81 is junior ski in size only, built with Sandwich twin tip Construction and extra durable ABS sidewalls, it can take the young parkster as far his mojo can go. A great confidence builder with a sturdy HEAD Mojo 11 Wide 88 to hold on the landing but ready to open on cue.

Lengths 131. 141, 151, 161 come as 116-81-106

Worldcup Race - Junior Race Ski


The Worldcup Race is the big league ski for the little guys. Designed with Worldcup Sandwich Construction just like the big boys, the Worldcup gives the stability to build confidence at speed for& future world cup competitors.

  Lengths 100, 110, 120, 130, 14, 150, 160 come as 111-67-95

MYA N° 1 LR - Junior Girls Ski


Head carries it's "Meet Your Aspirations" and "100% by women, 100% for women" right down to the Junior girls. The MYA N° 1 LR is an entry girls beginner ski meant for learning on the resort green runs.

Lengths 87, 97, 107,117,127,137 come as 103-65-90

How to Select Skis

Skis that fit your ability level, personal goals, and type of skiing will make sure your time on the slopes is both safe and enjoyable. Here's how to figure out what alpine skis are best for you.

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