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2008-2009 Skis - All Mountain Expert Cruisers


This category comes with integrated bindings. That's not a problem though. Just as a specific car comes with a stock engine, so these planks are matched to maximize performance with specific bindings. In general, this category appeals to experts who spend the majority of time on front side, steep, cruising, terrain, with occasional back country or off-piste adventures.

Atomic Crimson TI 128/86/114

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A fast cruiser which loved high speed cruising arcs, this would seem ideal for strong and powerful cruisers. Mark Mancini in the Mount Snow Valley raved about this ski but he also fits this bill. He’s strong. He’s a physical powerhouse. And he skis so fast he’s a blur! If you ski past the red line it’s a keeper!
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Dynastar Contact 4X4 122/75/106

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Loved by one of my test partners, SnowEast Magazine’s Bill Jones, the 4X4 is a smooth and powerful ski for those who may go from tree skiing to mixed powder. If you like the versatility of a small 4X4 SUV for mountain driving, this may fit the bill for skiing.
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Rossignol Zenith Mutix 15 128/85/112

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This is an amazingly versatile board recommended to me by my long time test partner Bud Randall, a top PSIA Pro who has taught bump skiers at resorts ranging from Vail to Bromley Mountain in Vermont. He was right! This a great ski who intermediates and experts alike can love. It’s forgiving. Fun. Skis fast or slow. Loves groomers and steeps. And is just forgiving and playful. Spell it WINNER for those who favor softer snow, enjoy Western escapes, and are looking for a forgiving partner.
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Volkl 12 Foot Tiger Shark 124/79/108

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A favorite of PSIA Examiner and Eastern powerhouse Charlie Rockwell, the 12 Foot is a strong carving machine with amazing edge hold. Less powerful and or lighter skiers and those seeking more performance at lower speed limits will relish the 10 Tiger Shark. The Power Switch offers on-board versatility in changing flex. It cuts ice like butter! Weaknesses? I found it too powerful for my weight and strength. Those who are heavy and/or powerful and who ski very (very) fast will find it most ideal.
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Atomic SX 12PB 115/68/99

This Atomic boasted a narrower waist, fast turn initiation, and strong edge grip. Virtually race-like in performance, this would seem ideal for Eastern skiers interested in a ski which can excel on hard pack with quick turning reflexes.
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Blizzard G Force Supersonic 123/72/105

A personal favorite, this ski carved with amazing versatility and forgiveness. Wonderfully forgiving, this ski could serve a wide array of skiers and skill sets. It was fun and playful in chopped snow, in soft snow, and on hard pack. This could be a fabulous ski for those who favor groomers and are looking for a one ski quiver. If I were buying another ski for the East this would make my short list for versatility and high speed fun.

Head Super Shape Magnum 121/71/107

This one was ahead of the pack. A strong and quick turning ski, it seemed nicely suited for soft pack and smooth groomers. It would seem great for Eastern warriors.

Nordica Speedmachine Mach 3 119/72/104

Suggested by Mount Snow’s Mark Mancini as a favorite, this is a ski which likes fast cruising. I found it a hard charger best suited for strong skiers who like to rip on hard and well-groomed snow.
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Rossignol CX 80 124/80/112

With a Rossignol Binding, this ski was impressive. Boasting great versatility and a wonderfully quiet, smooth, ride, this ski could possibly serve as a one-quiver ski for Eastern and mid-West skiers who shift from hard-pack to trees. It’s smooth like butter. Fun. And forgiving. For Eastern skiers seeking more edge grip test the CX 70.

Volkl Grizzly 131/89/114

A test favorite of one of my test partners, this is a very powerful ski for those who love fast skis and long turns. Amazingly stable, this ski excelled in mixed and chopped, conditions. It prefers strong drivers with solid to outstanding skills. This ski could go from powder to hard pack without missing a beat. If it has a speed limit it was too fast for my skill set! This should shine in the West. It’s a winner!
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