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Pre-Season Ski Tune Up


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Sharpen the Side Edges, Detune and Deburr the Edges
Pre-Season Ski Tune Up

Photo Taken At Alpine Sport Shop, Saratoga Springs, NY

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When the bases are complete the side edges of the skis are run through the edge sharpener. Then the tips and tails are detuned. Detuning is done with a flat file and basically dulls the edges at the tip and tail of the ski.

Dan explained that if you leave the edges at tip and tail of the skis as sharp and defined as the machine makes them, you will have a hard time either initiating a turn or trying to come out of a turn on the slopes. This is because the sharpness in the tip and tail works to continue your skis through the direction of travel – either straight, as you shift to turn, or through the turn, as you shift to come out of one.

After detuning, the edges are deburred with either a fine diamond stone or a deburring pad. As it sounds, this process takes off any sharp little burrs not filed off by the edging machine.

Jack and Dan's Tip: Not detuning the tips and tails is the step most ignored in the at home do-it-yourself tuning process and can make for hard work on the slopes, so remember: SDD the ski; Sharpen, Detune and Deburr.

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