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Ski Buyer's Guide

Selecting and Buying Skis


Skier mid jump in Aspen Colorado
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Choosing the right skis for you depends on a number of factors, such as your age/gender, skiing ability, or regional location. Here's more about buying, choosing, and maintaining skis.

How to Select Skis
Here's information on how to select the best skis for you, including how to select skis that match your ability level, your goals, and your terrain preference.

2014 / 2015 Skis - Ski Buying Guide
The top skis for this season including men's, expert, performance, and powder skis.

Buying Skis Online
There are a growing number of web sites where skis are for sale at prices that can vary across the Internet. A lot of the difference in prices is due to the popularity of certain model skis that are designed for specific snow conditions.

Men's Skis
Skis for men, including skis for beginner, intermediate, and expert skiers.

Women's Skis
Skis for women, including skis for beginner, intermediate, and expert skiers.

Junior Skis
Information on sizing, buying, and trading in junior skis and ski equipment.

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