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Kids' Skis Trade-In Programs

Trade-In Programs For Children's Ski Equipment


Kids' Skis Trade-In Programs
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A good option to consider when buying kids' skis is to find a ski shop that offers a trade-in program where you return the skis at the end of the season. For example, REI members can bring in "gently used" kids' ski or snowboard gear to an REI store and trade it in for 20% off the purchase of new new gear. While Golf and Ski Warehouse offers a 50% trade towards a new package after one season, a 40% trade toward a new package after two seasons, and a 30% trade toward a new package after three seasons.

Ski Shop Trade-In Programs

Many local ski shops offer similar trade-in programs, so before you buy a kid's ski package, check out whether you can trade in the gear for a discount on new ski equipment when your child outgrows them.

Trade in programs provide a great way to keep fast growing kids on the right size skis at the right price.

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