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Park City Mountain Resort Summer Activities

Summer Activities at Park Mountain City Resort


Park City Mountain Resort Summer Activities

Park City Mtn Resort in Summer

Mike Doyle
Park City Mountain Resort in summer offers thrills both zipping along high in the air and shooting down on tracks through the trees. Leisurely chairlift rides bring you up for mountain biking and trail hiking while down at the base area the kids can spend the day on the climbing wall, bouncing on the Legacy Launcher bungee, and on rides in the Little Miner's Park.

The Alpine Coaster

The first time I rode the Alpine Coaster at Park City Mountain Resort I naively held my point and shoot camera at the ready on the slow ride up to the top. Of course, once I reached the top and the coaster sled turned and pointed downhill, my camera was the last thing I was thinking about as I was whooshed down the dips and turns and shooting through the trees so fast that I couldn't remember the scenery, let alone take a picture. The second time was much more relaxed - but still no pictures.

The Ziprider

The Ziprider is a different story. It is probably possible to take good pictures zipping along at 40 plus mph above the trees, but again that failed me. However, I did get some from the scenic ride up the Payday chairlift and from the top where hiking and mountain bike trails - actually more than thirty miles of groomed bike trails head off in all directions.

You can also take the Alpine Slide if you exit the Payday lift at the mid-station. The Slide is a little milder than the Coaster and the scenery is less of a blur, but you do still move right along.

Little Miner's Park

Back down at the Payday base area you have the Little Miner's Park with a merry-go-round, airplane ride and mini train for the little ones. Right next to the rides is the Climbing Wall with five different routes to challenge your skills. Believe me, you could spend all afternoon conquering this mountain.

Another big hit with the kids is the Legacy Launcher - four trampolines, each trampoline is equipped with a safety harness and kids try out flips and tricks that they can put to use next winter in the Resort's top-ranked terrain parks and superpipe.

Lunch at the Park City Resort Plaza

You don't have to go far for a lunch break, Legend's Bar and Grill is right on the resort plaza. You can dine inside or at a table on the Plaza, both offer a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

Park City Resort Summer Photos

For a preview of what to expect take a look at these Park City Mountain Resort photos.

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