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Summer in Park City, Utah

Summer Activities at Park City Ski Resorts


Summer in Park City, Utah

Park City in Summer

Mike Doyle
Last winter I was riding a chairlift with Heidi Voelker, former U.S. Ski Team 3 time Olympian and now Deer Valley Ambassador of Skiing and we were talking about Park City skiing. Like me, Heidi was raised in the northeast, and when I asked her what brought her to make her home in Park City she said, "I came for the winter and skiing but the summers kept me."

This seems to be the reason a lot of transplant "Parkites" put down their roots and stash their ski boots here year round. So when I had the opportunity to visit Park City in the summer I didn't need anybody to twist my arm except my wife who wanted to come along - but Park City is a great family vacation or romantic place to visit.

Getting to Park City - Cheaper in the Summer

Getting to Park City and the three world class ski resorts that make it a great family destination ski hub is pretty easy and stress free in the winter. I found the summer offers the same one stop flights into Salt Lake City International Airport and the flights are even cheaper in the summer.

From the airport, you can rent a car or take public or private transportation right to Park City. I opted to rent a car because I wanted to take a few side trips around the Park City countryside. Again, money was saved when I rented a small, four door sedan rather than a more expensive four wheeler for winter driving.

Lodging Deals

Search the web sites of Deer Valley, Park City Mountain Resort, The Canyons, and the Park City Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau and you will be pleasantly surprised at the deals available. Also, check out your favorite travel site such as Kayak and price out a good Park City hotel or Salt Lake City flight deal.

You have a choice of condominium rentals, condo hotels, hotels and lodges ,and camping and RV parks. No matter what your lodging requirements you can find much cheaper prices in summer, plus meals and deal packages that will really surprise you. There are a variety of packages available include room, dining, golf, spa, and other activities.

What to Do in Park City

I came here in summer to visit the ski resorts but you can't help but be taken in with the events and activities put together by Park City itself. In the summer time, the Sundance Institute sponsors free Friday night films at City Park and The Park City Film Series puts on showings of current independent films at the Jim Santy Auditorium.

Every Sunday, the Park Silly Market takes place downtown on Main Street, with music, entertainment, activities for kids, and an open-air market.

Art galleries and live theater run through the summer. Music abounds with the Park City International Music Festival featuring twenty-five summer concerts plus The Park City Jazz Festival.

There is hiking, mountain biking, boating, swimming, fishing, and water sports at several nearby state parks and reservoirs. For information on other activities in the Park City area, check the Park City Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau web site.

Visit the Ski Resorts

If you have never seen, hiked or biked any of the trails you skied in the winter then a summer visit will be a real thrill. You can get rolling pretty good on a bike going down that easy blue groomer you skied in winter.

I hiked around quite a bit and I was quickly reminded I wasn't at sea level when I started huffing and puffing long before I could have been worn out. it takes a while to get used to the altitude again - just like winter.

Summer at The Canyons
The Canyons Resort, the largest winter resort in Utah turns into a deep green playground in summer. Everything is here, from a summer concert in the Resort Village to a scenic gondola ride up to the Red Pine Lodge for fine gourmet luncheons, horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking.

Summer at Deer Valley Resort
Deer Valley in the summer time is full of activities for all ages. There's hiking, mountain biking, scenic chair rides, dining, concerts, and a summer camp for kids.

Park City Mountain Resort Summer Activities
Park City Mountain Resort in summer offers thrills both zipping along high in the air and shooting down on tracks through the trees. Leisurely chairlift rides bring you up for mountain biking and trail hiking while down at the base area the kids can spend the day on the climbing wall, bouncing on the Legacy Launcher bungee, and on rides in the Little Miner's Park.

Making Park City Home

If you like Park City so much you want to call it home, know that it is still a very affordable place to live, especially compared with some of the other ski resort towns. Good schools, regular priced grocery stores, and gas stations are the norm - no inflated prices.

As for real estate, I asked Tom Merrill, a Deer Valley Mountain Host in winter and a Realtor with Summit/ Sotheby's International Realty, about the real estate market in Park City. Tom explained that at any given time there are a variety of properties for sale across a wide price spectrum. in fact, Tom and Scott Kelly, also of Summit toured me around a few of the medium to high-end properties then on the market and, again, none were at all inflated - there was comfortable living available in all price ranges.

Of course, if you looked high up on the hill you could imagine living in the expensive and expansive with great views for a lot of money.

All said and done, if your time here in the summer makes you fall in love with Park City as many people have, be assured there is a place for you.

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