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Summer at The Canyons

Summer Activities at the The Canyons


Summer at The Canyons

The Canyons in Summer

Mike Doyle
The Canyons Resort, the largest winter resort in Utah, turns into a deep green playground in summer. Everything is here, from a summer concert in the Resort Village to a scenic gondola ride up to the Red Pine Lodge for fine gourmet luncheons, horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking.

Park City Farmer's Market

As I pulled into the lower parking lot at The Canyons Resort the weekly Farmer's Market was all set up and just starting to come to life. Aside from the general offerings that we would take in a bit later it kept my wife's attention off the Cabriolet lift that she had never ridden before.

I enjoyed seeing first impressions of people new to the experiencing the Cabriolet's open, standing "teacup" cars. It reminded my wife of a hot air balloon on a cable, in fact swaying through the lift-off - so to speak.

The ride up to the village is so much different in summer, passing above and between nicely manicured lawns and flower beds. The approach to the village level draws the eye more to the Village center than in winter when I'm really checking out the snow.

In the center, the stage is set for the Saturday Summer Concerts at The Canyons presented by Zions Bank and all the events are free and open to the public.

Flight of the Canyons

The ride up the Flight of the Canyons gondola is shockingly and wonderfully green - where, of course, in winter it is for me wondrously white.

Arriving at the Red Pine Lodge area, it was a center of activity as mountain bikers prepared to head up the High Meadow chairlift for more adventure riding the Wasatch Crest Ridge Connector and where you may actually see sheep grazing on the mountainside - and a moose if you're lucky.

Hiking and horseback riding trailheads also surround the Red Pine Lodge and at one point we had a meeting and greeting of horses, hikers and bikers. The Nature Trail meanders for 3/4 mile starting and ending at the lodge and is a nice loop to prep you for lunch under the tent on the Red Pine Lodge deck.

Lunch at the Red Pine Lodge

I'm used to a quick lunch at the Red Pine Lodge while skiing - there is just so much to ski at The Canyons that I eat light and fast. However, here in the summer, dining is a real gourmet experience and my wife and I enjoyed a well presented, leisurely, and delicious meal.

The ride back down on the Flight of the Canyons did not afford any moose sightings but the summer views out over the valley were truly grand.

Farmer's markets always have interesting and unique foods and crafts and the booths set up in The Canyons parking lot offered fresh produce, fresh baked bread, and arts and crafts - all from local vendors.

It was actually kind of neat to be buying a tie-dyed shirt in the same place I was unloading my skis only three months ago.

Summer Photos of The Canyons

For a preview of what to expect at The Canyons in the summer time, take a look at these The Canyons photos.

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