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Best Ski Resorts

Best Ski Resorts for Families, Singles, Vacations, Powder and More


Where are the best ski resorts? It depends on what you're looking for. If you're planning a family ski vacation, your destination may be different than if you're scheduling a singles get-away or a couples vacation, or simply looking for the best powder.

Here is a selection of the best ski resorts in a variety of different categories including the top resorts for families, singles, romance, vacations, and for finding that all important powder.

Top Ski Resorts

Copyright Michele Galli / Vetta / Getty Images
From Alta, Utah to Whitefish, Montana, here are the top ski resorts including mountain profiles, ski resort information, photos, and what you need to know about skiing at the top ski resorts visited by Mike Doyle.

Best Ski Resorts for Families

Copyright Smugglers' Notch Resort
Planning a family ski vacation? At the top ski resorts that focus on families you'll find everything you need for a great family ski vacation, including accessible lodging, ski lessons, and on and off the slope activities for kids and grown-ups alike. Here are the top family ski resorts including ski resort information, family activities, and events at the best ski resorts for families visited by Mike Doyle.

Top 5 Ski Resorts for Children

Image Copyright Getty Images Kevin Arnold
Most ski resorts offer some type of kids programs, but some resorts go above and beyond in catering to families with young children. You'll want to pick a resort that offers kids skiing packages, employs instructors who specialize in teaching children, provides children's programs with dynamic, on-the-snow and off-the-snow training, and offers quality, interactive daycare services, if you have little ones aren't quite old enough for the slopes yet. Here are the best ski resorts for children.

Best Ski Resorts for Powder

Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort
"Where's the best pow?" Although it all depends on seasonal snow fall, there are some mountain where you can count on the snow skiers love best. Here are some of resorts where you can find the best powder skiing in North America.

Best Ski Resorts for Singles

Courtesy Aspen/Snowmass
The best mountains to meet people are large resorts which are situated in or near busy resort villages. Another feature is an active aprés-ski scene, and resorts with the best nightlife opportunities tend to be popular vacation spots, as well. Whether you're seeking a ski resort for singles, a location for your winter bachelor or bachelorette party, or if you just enjoy a night of partying after a day on the slopes, start planning a visit to these top resorts for singles.

Best Ski Towns

Copyright Walter Bibikow / Getty Images
If you're seeking a dynamic experience that extends beyond the ski resort, look for mountains located in lively towns with a host of stores and boutiques, varied dining options and multiple aprés-ski sites. Here are some of the best ski resort towns in the United States. Each town neighbors top-notch ski resorts, while contributing a dose of mountain culture that will make for a full-featured, full-flavored ski vacation.

Romantic Ski Vacations in the East

Stowe Mountain Resort
Looking for romance? If you’re looking for a romantic winter getaway, you can combine quaint New England charm and diverse terrain. Here is a selection of romantic ski resorts that not only feature some of the best skiing in the East but also offer amazing views, superb lodging and dining options, and off-slope winter activities that make for an unbeatable romantic ski vacation.

Romantic Ski Vacations in the West

Mike Doyle
Western ski resorts provide a panorama of diverse ski trails and typically plenty of powder, complimented by Western charm that is sure to delight and intrigue couples looking for a romantic experience both on and off the slopes. Here is a selection of some of the best mountain and resort destinations for a romantic winter escape focused on skiing.

Top Ski Vacation Destinations

Copyright Mike Doyle
When you are planning a ski vacation some resorts offer more than others, when it comes to being a vacation destination full of on and off-the-slope activities, including aprés-ski activities, shopping, fine dining, special events and entertainment, and much more. Here is a selection of some of the best destinations for ski vacations.

Top Indoor Ski Resorts

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These indoor ski resorts, located in interesting places across the globe, can provide your "skiing fix" during any month of the year. However, as you might expect, snow domes are especially popular for summer skiing. Although the snow domes are much smaller than their authentic counterparts, they can be a nice touch to an international vacation.
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