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Advanced Ski Resorts

Ski Resorts for Expert Skiers


Advanced Ski Resorts

Killington Ski Resort

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If you are an expert skier, you know that spending a day at a ski resort that offers no advanced terrain can be boring. These ski resorts, located in North America, offer plenty of trails for beginners, intermediates, and experts. However, these ski resorts have advanced trails that will challenge expert skiers.

Aspen Snowmass Ski Resort
Aspen Snowmass, located in Colorado, stretches over four mountains and offers over 5,200 acres of terrain. Two of these mountains cater to advanced skiers. With 3,128 acres, the Snowmass section of the resort is 32% Double Black Diamond and is known for its steeps and terrain park runs. Aspen Mountain (nicknamed “Ajax”) offers even more for experts. Ajax has 26% Black Diamond and 26% Double Black Diamond and is famous for its steeps and moguls. Also, Aspen Highlands features extreme runs, such as Go-Go-Gully and Highland Bowl, which has a slope angle of 48 degrees. Aspen Snowmass’s four mountains will make sure you don’t run out of challenging terrain.
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Breckenridge Ski Resort
Breckenridge Ski Resort is located in Colorado and has 52% Advanced/Expert trails – the majority of the mountain is for advanced skiers! About 20-25 trails at Breckenridge are Double Black Diamond, including bowls, glades, and backcountry skiing. With a terrain park for advanced extreme skiers, Breckenridge will challenge (and entertain) expert skiers.
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Killington Ski Resort
Located in Vermont, Killington is a great resort for advanced skiers. With 38% Most Difficult trails, Killington offers a lot of challenging terrain for expert skiers. For example, experts favor the Double Black Diamond “Outer Limits,” often a mogul trail, as well as a variety of other Black Diamond and Double Black Diamond trails, steeps, and glades. In all, Killington has about 12 Double Black Diamond trails (including glades), and even more Black Diamonds! So, if you’re an expert skier, Killington Ski Resort has a lot of terrain that can challenge you.
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Mad River Glen
Mad River Glen, a ski mountain that is open only to skiers, is located in Vermont. Mad River Glen may not be the most well known ski resort, but its slogan - “Mad River Glen, Ski It If You Can” - proves that it offers some of the most challenging skiing in the East. With natural snow, moguls, glades, and narrow wooded trails, some expert skiers may even find themselves more challenged than ever at Mad River Glen. Forty five advanced trails means that Mad River Glen truly does provide for advanced skiers.
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Mammoth Mountain
Mammoth Mountain is located in California. With 150 named trails, Mammoth has terrain for everyone, but experts will love advanced trails that are located near the top of the mountain. Want something more? Mammoth offers backcountry trails, and they have the one of the best terrain parks in North America. So, it’s easy to say that any expert skier won’t be bored at Mammoth Mountain.
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Whistler Blackcomb
Whistler Blackcomb is located in Canada, and with two mountains, there’s plenty of advanced terrain for expert skiers to scope out. A special section of the mountain that has moguls provides even more of a challenge. Also, Whistler offers summer for skiers who want to hit the snow during the summer time.
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Whiteface Ski Resort
Whiteface Ski Resort is located in Lake Placid, New York. The two-time host of the Olympic Games, Whiteface offers the highest vertical drop in the east, so even though there’s terrain for everyone, experts will always be entertained. Whiteface’s legendary steeps will challenge advanced skiers, and Whiteface is specially known for “The Slides.” The Slides are Double Black Diamond for a reason. With no snowmaking, no grooming, The Slides are steep chutes, and they are for serious experts only. With hazards like avalanche dangers and very steep runs, The Slides aren’t for any skiers. True experts will be challenged by The Slides, but safety must be considered. So, Whiteface has more than enough for advanced skiers.
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