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Ski Condo Vacation Rentals

Tips for Renting a Ski Condo


When you're planning a ski vacation a ski condo rental can be ideal, especially if you're going with a group or with your family. Ski rental condos usually fit a large number of vacationers, some as many as 8 - 10 skiers. You'll have a kitchen so you can save on restaurant bills. Some are slopeside so you can ski-in/out directly to the mountain, while others may be on a shuttle route so you can take a bus to the slopes.

The following are tips will help you find a ski rental that meets your needs:

Book Early
When you're looking for ski rental condos start your search as early as possible before your trip. Rentals, especially slopeside accommodations, go fast. If your ski trip dates are flexible, consider early or late-season rentals, mid-week, and non-peak (holiday) time rentals. There will be more availability at times other than peak season.

Check With the Resort
Ski resorts often handle rentals of slope-side condos, so, the accommodations section of the resort's web site is a good starting place to look for a condo rental.

Check Online Ski Vacation Rental Sites
There are web sites that list ski vacation condo rentals, both in the United States and abroad. They are a good resource to use to find a condo that meets your needs.

Lift Tickets
Are discounted lift tickets available when you book your ski rental? If so, check out all the options (multi-day tickets, mid-week tickets, etc.) to make sure you're getting the best deal.

View Pictures
What's that they say about a picture being worth a thousand words? It's easy to describe a condo, or other accommodations, as being wonderful, but, a picture or two will give you a better idea of what the property actually looks like. Some of the condos I've seen didn't look much like the description I read online, so, it always makes sense to ask for photos.

Ski-In/Out Rentals
Ski-in/out accommodations will be set up so you can walk out your door to the mountain. Another alternative is a condo with shuttle service to the slopes. Booking a slopeside ski rental or one on a shuttle stop will save you on driving and parking time. Some mountains have regular shuttle bus routes with stops at various hotels along the route to the mountain, so that's another alternative for getting to resort from your ski rental unit.

Check to see if the condo has a private entrance (which is good for bringing your ski gear in and out). If not, ask about bringing skis and boots in through the lobby and hallways. Some facilities will require you to check your equipment in a general storage room.

Number of Beds
Some condos are furnished to hold lots of skiers, so check on the number of beds available, keeping in mind that sometimes the count will include sofa beds and/or cots.

If you want to bring your dog along, check on the condo's pet policy before you book. Few allow pets and the ones that do often have rules about not leaving your dog alone in the room and barking. Those that do allow pets may have weight and size restrictions and may charge an additional fee. Petswelcome.com has a directory of ski resort accommodations, including condos, that allow dogs.

What's Included With the Rental
Also check to find out what is included in the rental fee. Some items you will want to ask about are:

  • Kitchen - Is there a kitchen including refrigerator, oven and microwave?
  • Linens - Are sheets and towels provided?
  • Check In/Out - How early can you check in? What time do you have to check out? If check out is early, can you store your luggage, so you don't lose ski time?
  • Transportation - Is there transportation from the airport and to the ski resort?
  • Housekeeping - What housekeeping services are provided?

  • Number of guests - How many guests can stay for the base rental fee? What are the extra person charges?
  • What facilities are available? Is there a gym or pool?
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