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A Tour Around Iron Mountain At Canyon Resort


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Canyons Resort Iron Mountain Tour
A Tour Around Iron Mountain At Canyon Resort

Cabriolet lift and ticket and season pass office.

Mike Doyle
If you want to ski Canyons Resort and are not staying in a Canyons Resort property you will need to take a shuttle bus or drive and park in the lower lot and take the Cabriolet lift up to the Canyons Resort village.

The Cabriolet lift is a stand up open air lift that transports skiers and non-skiers up to the village at a leisurely pace. The Cabriolet ride is free, however ski lift tickets are needed to access the skiing. Day tickets can be purchased either in the building adjacent to the Cabriolet lift or up in the village.

So, put your ski boots on and grab your skis and let's head up to ski the new terrain on Iron Mountain!

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