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How to Introduce Your Child to Skiing


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Take Your Child to the Mountain
How to Introduce Your Child to Skiing
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Once your child is ready to hit the slopes, take him or her to the mountain! Establish a positive skiing routine - make sure your child gets to bed early the night before, eats a healthy breakfast, and is entertained on the car ride there. It's also a good idea to take your child skiing during pleasant weather. A blue sky, shining sun, and sparkling snow are key ingredients to a great ski day, while blustery wind and sub-zero temperatures can ruin a day on the slopes for any skier, especially children. Once you get to the mountain, either choose to enroll him or her in a ski school program, or, if you’re an experienced skier, you may choose to teach your child to ski yourself. Either way, remember to keep session short at first to make sure your child is comfortable and having fun.
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