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Safely Ski from A to Z Book Review

A Review of Safely Ski from A to Z


Safely Ski from A to Z Book Review
Courtesy Mary Stubbs Palmer
Any skier who has ever brought his or her children to the mountain knows that taking the kids along for the day isn't always the easiest task. Even if your little ones are already steady on their skis, it takes a good amount of work to make sure that they're paying attention, staying safe, and of course, having fun. A great way to make the day go smoother is to prepare your children before heading to the slopes, so they know what to expect from their ski day.

Fortunately, Mary Stubbs Palmer's children's book, Safely Ski from A to Z (Buy Direct), reviews key safety issues in a format perfect for kids. Whether you use it as a bedtime book to review before a day on the mountain, or simply let your child browse through it, the book is likely to leave a lasting impression. Palmer's simple style relays important information about how to stay safe on the slopes, in a format that keeps children interested without overwhelming them. Amya Paige's fun, colorful illustrations make Palmer's points come alive for children who can't yet read on their own, while engaging all readers of all ages in the material.

Palmer's book tactfully combines three important elements that make it a successful tool for teaching ski safety. First, Palmer familiarizes her readers with basic information about what to expect from a day on the slopes: "B is for Boots and Bindings. Close the Buckles, please," writes Palmer, weaving in an element of ski safety while reviewing ski equipment. She also mentions goggles, helmets, instructors, maps, and trails, complete with cute illustrations. In order to make the most out of Palmer's helpful hints, while reading the book parents might want to have their children try on their ski clothing to ensure a good fit for the day ahead, take a look at their ski equipment, and maybe even review a trail map so kids can really get an idea of where they will be skiing.

Another valuable aspect of Palmer's book is the way in which she addresses key safety issues. Palmer uses simple, comprehensible term that reviews crucial safety points such as skiing with control, looking up the hill, and paying attention to signs. Palmer also mentions skiing technique that is a good preparation for what kids learn during lessons, such as the "pizza" wedge stop. Reading this book with children means that they'll be a step ahead of the game during their ski lessons.

Finally, what makes Safely Ski from A to Z such a gem is Palmer's ability to appeal to safety issues without losing a sense of enjoyment. Palmer's tactics raise an important point, which is that children learn best while having fun. Palmer reviews necessary information without being too serious or stern, and both children and adults can connect with her lighthearted sense of humor. Not only do children learn about ski safety and ski technique while reading Palmer's book, but they're assured that their day on the slopes is sure to be filled with fun.

Palmer's book ends with a review of the national safety code for adults, because even the wisest of parents need a reminder, too. However, even within Palmer's book there are clever safety reminders for parents, such as ensuring that kids have a written copy of their parents' numbers on them, providing refreshments and a refillable water bottle, and making sure that kids get enough sleep. As it would turn out, Palmer's book is a useful review of safety for children and adults, a shared learning experience that makes sure everyone stays safe while having fun - and Safely Ski from A to Z is endorsed by the National Ski Patrol.

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