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Skiing Tips

Whether you're an advanced or a beginning skier, these skiing tips will help you improve your skills.
Controlling Speed on Steep Terrain
When advancing skiers take on Black Diamond terrain they should have a strong knowledge of how to keep their speed under control as the terrain gets steeper. There is hardly anything more scary, or more dangerous, than being out of control and then having to make desperate skidding attempts to stop.
Exaggeration Drills
These days, shaped skis are pretty much all you see on the ski racks and for good reason. The shaped ski have made initiating a turn on the snow so much easier than the old days on straight skis. However, the problem is proficiency on straight skis doesn’t automatically transition to proficiency on shaped skis.
Glade Skiing Tips
In recent years ski resorts have responded to the call of patrons to open more of the wooded area within their boundaries. Referred to as glades on most area trail maps, and invariably marked expert or Black Diamond terrain, many areas are adding more and more acres each year to this category.
How to Get On and Off a Chairlift
Most ski resorts have chairlifts to transport skiers up the mountain. Here's what you need to know to get on, to ride, and to get off the chairlift. There's also information on riding a rope tow and gondola, which are also convenient ways to head up the slopes.
How to Ski
Do you want to get an idea of what's involved in learning how to ski? Here's an overview, along with step-by-step information on how to ski.
Learn to Snow Plow
The traditional learning stance for beginning skiers is called the snow plow position. Here's a step-by-step guide to snow plowing.
Learning Powder Skiing
My main intent in going to Kirkwood Mountain Resort, legendary for lots of powder snowstorms rolling through, was to learn what it would take to help an eastern skier, not used to deep powder, to really ski some deep powder with control and confidence.
Point Your Way Down the Slope
When you move up from the snow plow turn, you can learn to begin a more advanced way of turning your skis by pointing with your arm.
Powder Skiing at Kirkwood Mountain Resort
Tips and suggestions learned from a powder skiing lesson at Kirkwood Mountain Resort.
Skiing Powder and Trees At Heavenly
Most of the time, skiers are checking out resort maps for the manicured and marked trails carved between acres of trees. At Heavenly, 91 trails are laid out on 4800 acres.
Spring Skiing Tips
During spring skiing, every skier needs to take a few extra steps to have a pleasant, safe ski trip. You need to consider the stronger sunshine, changing snow conditions, and warmer temperatures. Here are a few tips to make sure that your spring skiing is enjoyable and safe!
Tips for Mogul Skiing
When you are just starting to try to ski well in moguls, start on small bumps in not too steep terrain. Moguls on Black Diamond trails can be both intimidating and dangerous to beginning mogul skiers.
Tree Skiing - Tips for Safe Tree Skiing
Tree skiing most commonly refers to skiing off the groomed slopes, in and among trees of various sizes, shapes and types. It is exhilarating and easily accessible at any ski area in North America.
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