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How to Be a Ski Bum


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How to Be a Ski Bum: Start Planning Early
How to Be a Ski Bum
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If you want to dedicate a ski season (or two, or three) to becoming a ski bum, don't make it a last minute decision. The earlier you start planning, the better chances you have of securing a job and finding housing. Plus, if you want to score a deal on a season pass, you're best bet is to buy early - some resorts sell season passes as early as April or May.

A good place to start is the town's Chamber of Commerce website, where you can browse possible job opportunities and sometimes even housing information. To find roommates, Craigslist is a popular option. Of course, if you have any friends or acquaintances in the town you plan to head to, they are a valuable source of information, as locals are usually armed with a wealth of knowledge about how to make it as a ski bum.

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