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Ski Cross


Ski Cross

Ski Cross

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Definition: Ski Cross is a skiing competition event where skiers race in a mass start group of four on a course of bumps and turns best described as a vertical snow covered motorbike "motocross" venue (from which the official name Ski Cross and similar monikers "skicross" amd "ski-X" are derived).

Ski Cross Judging

All race the course individually for qualification and then are grouped into "heats" or group runs of 4 skiers based on the time of the qualification run. Each heat race is sent off on signal and the racers head down as fast as possible - mindful that interference when skiing or passing can lead to disqualification.

The first two racers in each heat advance to the next round and so on until there are only 4 competitors for the medal final determining the order of 1 - 4 finishers.

Also Known As: skicross, ski-X, ski-x
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