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Freestyle Aerial Skiing Competition


Freestyle Aerial Skiing Competition

Freestyle Aerial Competition

Image Copyright Donald Miralle / Getty Images
Definition: Freestyle aerial skiing competition requires the competitors to ski a ramp leading to a high kick-off jump. Each "kicker block" is built to a varying formula of rate-of-rise to distance of the initial rise to the top. This allows the competitors to pre-choose 2 of the collection of back flips, twists and turns they will perform based on their own style and technique. What they choose combines to a degree of difficulty for perfection.

Freestyle Aerial Competition Judging

All the competitors must do two jumps in a qualification round. The 16 with the highest total scores from that round move on to the final round. In that round, they again are required to state and do two more jumps.

Judging is on on the quality, or smoothness of the take off, the height gained, how well they hold the form and body position compared to what would be "perfect", and also how well they hold their balance upon landing. Final order of finish is based on the highest combined score from the two final jumps.

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Also Known As: freestyle aerials
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