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The New Guide to Skiing


The New Guide to Skiing

The New Guide to Skiing

Copyright Martin Heckleman

Martin Heckelman's goal in publishing the Revised Edition of The New Guide to Skiing (buy direct) is "to help you reach a level of competence that enables you to safely ski every type of snow and slope that you may encounter." To a large extent, Heckelman's sequential photos and exercises do cover the gamut of conditions and terrain most skiers will encounter, and with an increasing level of confidence that he builds in the reader.

As the skier does the progressive exercises – all things could be possible. By "could be possible," I mean that I believe that there are very few people who could go from never having been on skis to steep and deep with only a book. That is to say that Martin Heckelman is, without a doubt, a competent and dedicated ski instructor and a sincere student of skiing dynamics, but new skiers need a live Martin Heckelman, or a good skiing partner to correct their errors as they do his exercises.

I highly recommend The New Guide to Skiing for anyone with a series of basic lessons under their belt, as well as for skiers who have some experience sliding, and can handle blue terrain with confidence in and out of the fall line. In fact, skiers of all abilities can refine their basic techniques, and pick up advanced tips by reviewing the perfectly executed and described exercises, as done by Heckelman himself in the photos.

All the techniques described will find no major argument from most resort PSIA schools. Credit has to be given to Martin Heckleman, who freely admits there is more than one way to successfully and confidently ski various conditions and terrain. For example, his section on bump skiing shows various lines available through a mogul field, and explains the degree of difficulty for each and how to change your style to ski each. He also advises the reader to ski to his/her ability and, although he explains skiing bumps with skis flat, he adds "...it best to leave flat-ski skiing to the bump competitors."

The exercises Heckelman describes and executes in the sequence of pictures are really helpful and if repeated until they become second nature will enhance every skiers ability to tackle all terrains.

Martin Heckelman is a private instructor operating in the French Alps. He has taught skiing for more than 30 years in the U.S., Europe and south America. He is also the producer of the Ski Tips series of instructional videos.

The New Guide to Skiing
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