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Clendenin Ski Method™

Four Words© For Great Skiing


Clendenin Ski Method™

Clendenin Ski Method™

John Clendenin
Book and DVD Review: Clendenin Ski Method™ - Four Words© For Great Skiingby John Clendenin.

John Clendenin, two-time World Freestyle Champion, has put a lot of research into the physics of skiing and into the reasons great skiers look so effortlessly in command. His book Clendenin Ski Method™ - Four Words© For Great Skiing and DVD are based on his study of the perfect mechanics that makes turning on skis in any terrain not only possible, but purposeful. That purpose is being in control, centered and prepared for the next turn.

Who Needs This Book

All intermediate skiers and above will benefit from Clendenin's book and DVD. The skiers with the most to gain will be those who approach a ski turn with a lingering bit of a stem turn. In this case, the stem turn may be an unconscious defensive move when a skier enters steeper or mogul filled terrain. No matter how or why the stem turn results it must be eliminated.

John Clendenin believes the lingering stem is the biggest problem holding most intermediate skiers from skiing the terrain they usually avoid. It is the 'Skiers's Flu' that can be cured and John, known affectionately as the Ski Doctor, has the cure and offers it up in the book and DVD.

Advanced skiers - stem cured - will benefit mostly picking up refinements from the book and by watching the effortless mastery of mogul skiing in the DVD. Clendenin and crew also demonstrate graceful ways to ski a mogul line - using the moguls themselves to add control and look good at the same time even on double black bump runs.

Why is The Clendenin Ski Method™ Successful

There is probably not an intermediate skier around that hasn't taken 10 lessons and heard 10 different explanations of the same mechanic. Well the Clendenin Ski Method™ (CSM) cures this babel of instruction by breaking everything taught into simple - same all the time - moves that John Clendenin has put into Four Words©.

I think this is the core concept of the CSM that will make it work for everyon who studies it. It is learning a new ski language - not new invented words, but words that will always mean the same in the Clendenin Ski Method™. How many times have you heard "slid, skid, hockey turn, edge your skis" used by different instructors to mean one thing - one thing as they each understand it.

Clendenin has gotten his coaches together and said that one word - "Drift" will mean exactly this, not that, but only this. So when John and his instructors say and demonstrate -Drift" - you will know exactly what Drift means inside and out and it will never be called anything else.

Four Words©

The Clendenin Ski Method™ is based on only Four Words© - Drift, Center, Touch and Tip. In the book you will see Copyright and Trademark indications around a lot of words and terms. If you put the time and study into perfecting an easy way of definitely defining a fundamental movement relating to a perfect ski turn you would want that word or phrase and its definition protected and respected.

So if you clear your mind and learn what John Clendenin means when he says "Drift" you will "Drift" his way, "Center," "Touch," and "Tip" his way. Once you see it works you will just about consider anyone else's use of these terms as blasphemous.

You will come across other words and important phrases relating to the Clendenin Ski Method™ that will stick in your mind - they're meant to. Some more of these Clendeninisms are - love spot©, teeter-totter movement©, the Most Important Moment©, the Squeegee Move© being the Most Important Move© in skiing and the Keys to the Kingdom©.

The fact that these words and phrases may sound a little weird relating to teaching skiing is why John Clendenin calls them such. Once you learn them, their singularity guarantees you won't forget them.

Your Diploma is the Freedom of the Kingdom

Learn, assimilate, use the Four Words© as fundamentals of all your ski turns, and you will be ready for the Keys to the Kingdom©. First, know that Clendenin sees the Kingdom as all that resort terrain that intermediate skiers fear to tread - the vast part of the mountain few ski with confidence and enjoyment.

The Keys are a set of progressing exercises John Clendenin has worked hard to develop that build your confidence and reinforce the Four Words©. The system works, it's proven, and now with the addition of the accompanying DVD you get the dimensional perspective of movement and terrain and can really get your arms around the Clendenin Ski Method.

Nothing Beats Live and On Stage

The only thing that would be more fulfilling than learning from the book and DVD would be to go to Aspen and take a CSM clinic. You would also get to experience the Simulator - a wide inclined motorized treadmill with a carpeted running service.

The Simulator moves, you glide side-to-side, and John Clendenin says that whatever sins and cheating you did on the mountain to get through a turn don't work on the Simulator. You get introduced to the Four Words and learn to kept centered and balanced on the moving carpet.

Aspen/Snowmass is home to some really good specialized ski programs and one of the most popular is John Clendenin's clinic. If you can get out to Aspen and do a CSM clinic, do it. I don't think you can help but leave as a better skier - with that stem broken forever. If you can't get to Aspen the book and the DVD, and the practice of the Keys can get you to that next level.

I'm going to let you read about the 'love spot©' and 'the Most Important Moment©' on your own - check John's web site and then order the Clendenin Ski Method™ - Four Words© For Great Skiing and the DVD.

Last word - I really think that if your feet could see this is the way they would ski the bumps!

Clendenin Ski Method™
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