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The 7 Secrets of Skiing


The 7 Secrets of Skiing

The 7 Secrets of Skiing

Copyright Chalky White

I go on vacation after ski season and let the warm Gulf water melt out any angst from losing out on all the snow that's still up there - maybe not as much as seasons past - but that's nature's call.

Anyway, I usually stick a few ski related books in my suitcase that I didn't have time to read while the lifts were spinning. Only this time I brought my IPad with a Kindle version of The 7 Secrets of Skiing by Chalky White (longtime Ski Instructor at Beaver Creek, CO) just to see if I'd enjoy the read and get as much out of the Kindle edition as I did the hard copy.

Regarding The 7 Secrets of Skiing I can say, and, of course, this holds for the Kindle edition as well that it's been a while since I came across a new ski instruction book that I could recommend as offering something positive and beyond more than rehashing and rewording what has been said umpteen times before.

The 7 Secrets of Skiing by Chalky White brings a new approach to instilling confidence in beginners and moving skiers of every ability to a new comfort level and in so doing makes them a better skier. There's no magic bullet in Chalky's 7 secrets. To become that better skier you need to take what you read and apply it on the snow.

So, what's special about the book? In his book, White sets a premise right off: "Skiing is Balance - Balance is Power." OK, you say, you simply can't ski without balance and that's true, but White is talking dynamic balance. Once you get a real handle on how this dynamic balance works through an athletic stance to become the ROCK of your skiing, you really can quickly progress through repetitive drills and exercises.

What I really like about The 7 Secrets of Skiing is how Chalky White sets up his progressions with unique reminders of the basics. Each time he adds a new progression, and as he talks through it, whenever there is a mention or reference to something in the basic balance equation the first letter is capitalized and emboldened. This way you are constantly reminded that 'this won't work if you are not in touch with this aspect of balance.

I could go on and tell you about Chalky's seven secrets, which aren't as much secrets as they are a better way for you to remember and execute - you don't forget a secret. However, they are unique to his book and well worth discovering yourself.

I really think after reading The 7 Secrets of Skiing and practicing on the snow, never-ever to experts will come away with a new set of tools to bring your skiing to a new level.

In fact, this is only the second how-to-get-better book I recommend taking with you on your next ski vacation and it's the first how-to-get-better book I can recommend that's available in a Kindle edition.

The 7 Secrets of Skiing Kindle edition is just as informative as the hard copy and I was really surprised as to how clear and sharp the accompanying photos are.

I was also pleasantly surprised how easy it is to use the bookmarking featuring to digitally flip back and forth as you read if you need to go back to clarify an earlier 'secret'.

In as much as Kindle editions of everything important in literature is the obvious future for many readers it's good to have an important and original 'how to ski better' available to everyone.

If you really like to feel the paper in your hands buy The 7 Secrets of Skiing in hard copy and keep the Kindle for convenient reference.

I have to admit that on the sunny beach days on the Gulf I might have looked a little weird reading the Kindle 7 Secrets of Skiing under an umbrella but while my tan might have suffered I know I got some good insights for next time on the snow.

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