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Skiing Books

Books about skiing, including books on how to ski, skiing fitness, skiing tips, and the history of skiing.
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Fifty Places to Ski & Snowboard Before You Die
Fifty Places to Ski & Snowboard Before You Die takes to places you may never see or ski but you can always dream about.

Fifty Places to Ski & Snowboard Before You Die
Fifty Places to Ski & Snowboard Before You Die takes to places you may never see or ski but you can always dream about.

Skiers' Reading List: Skiing Novels
Reading can make the minutes fly by, so when you're waiting for the first snowflakes of winter or counting down the days until your ski vacation, dip into a book about skiing to pass the time.

A Wall of White
On March 31, 1982, after four solid days of snow piling up at a record rate at Alpine Meadows ski resort in California, the overloaded slopes avalanched. Somewhere on the mountain, a snowflake akin to the straw on the camel's back loosed millions of tons of snow that blew apart concrete and metal buildings, tossed around machinery and vehicles...

Anyone Can Be An Expert Skier 2
Harald Harb's Anyone Can Be An Expert Skier 2 - Powder, Bumps and Carving is an excellent book for intermediate level skiers who are seriously interested in attaining the next level.

Clendenin Ski Method™ - Four Words© For Great Skiing
John Clendenin, two-time World Freestyle Champion, has put a lot of research into the physics of skiing and into the reasons great skier look so effortlessly in command.

Double Black - A Ski Diva Mystery by Wendy Clinch
Double Black - A Ski Diva Mystery by Wendy Clinch (TheSkiDiva.com) tells the tale of post grad Boston girl, Stacey Curtis, who's dreams of wedded bliss on Beacon Hill are turned upside down when she finds her fiance in bed with a mutual friend. This life shattering event sends Stacey rebounding into the bosom of her first love - the mountains of...

How I Came to Sparkle Again
A review of Kaya McLaren's How I Came to Spark Again, by Guest Author Katie Doyle.

In Search of Powder by Jeremy Evans
In Search of Powder is not a ski travel book that will help you pinpoint hidden stashes in the iconic ski resorts of the American west. However, it is a travel book in the sense that it takes you back to the days when it was possible to live within walking distance of the lifts at those iconic resorts in America's west and make money for...

Memoirs Of A Geriatric Ski Bum
What does a 45 year old man who gets bit by the ski bug do? If you are a successful business man like Stanley Hirsch you hand down your company to younger family members, pack up your skis and chase the same dream every ski bum has - ski whenever and wherever you can. Then 35 years later you write a book to show the world no one is too old to...

Ski Snowboard America
If you want to get an honest sense about the personality of a major ski resort in North America pick up a copy of Charlie Leocha's Ski Snowboard America.

Ski Snowboard Europe
Charlie Leocha's book Ski Snowboard Europe, now in it's 16th edition, takes the guess work out of finding a European resort or village that fits your fancy, your skiing and your budget.

The 7 Secrets of Skiing
The 7 Secrets of Skiing by Chalky White brings a new approach to instilling confidence in beginners and moving skiers of every ability to a new comfort level and in so doing makes them a better skier.

The Edge of Never
The Edge of Never is a true adventure tale told on many levels. It tells the story of author and former pro skier Bill Kerig's frustrating efforts to develop and market a film about the world of extreme skiing. It tells the story of the death of Trevor Petersen, one of the best of the elite band of ski mountaineers, who died alone in an...

The New Guide to Skiing
Martin Heckelman’s goal in publishing the Revised Edition of The New Guide to Skiing is "to help you reach a level of competence that enables you to safely ski every type of snow and slope that you may encounter." To a large extent, Heckelman’s sequential photos and exercises do cover the gamut of conditions and terrain most skiers will encounter.

The Silent Land
The Silent Land is a novel about skiing, avalanches, skiing Europe, and a young couple caught up in what happens after the avalanche.

The Story of Modern Skiing
In The Story of Modern Skiing John Fry weaves a colorful history of the rise in skiing popularity from the individual mom-and pop post-WWII ski areas to the mega resort conglamorates of today - and all the environmental consequences along the way.

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