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Seirus SoundTouch Dynamax Glove Liner

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Seirus SoundTouch Dynamax Glove Liner

Seirus Soundtouch Dynamax Gloveliner - Palmside


I always carry a cell phone while skiing, both to keep in touch and in case of an emergency. Up until a few years ago I had a regular button keypad that worked pretty well without taking off ski gloves, even though hitting the wrong button happened a lot. While it might be possible to use a non-touch screen phone without baring your fingers, this is not the case for touch screen phones.

The advent of touch screen devices fit for use during, skiing such as the iPhone and iPod, it became imperative for me to upgrade according this technology. Of course, I had to follow the iPhone updates with the power to use skiing apps, take on-the-snow photos, send messages, check email and keep in touch with all my social media sites, not to mention using the device for phone calls.

Freeze the Fingers, Wait for Shelter or Get the Scissors

As anyone who loves the outdoors in winter and has followed the evolution of the touch screen devices knows, it can be a bitterly cold experience ripping your gloves off to use your device and tap away in sub-zero temperatures. Of course, if it's not an emergency, at least for me the most logical solution is to keep skiing and wait until a break at an on-mountain restaurant. But then what about the great photo-op that I couldn't wait to share on my social network sites?

I had a brainstorm to cut the top off the thumb and index finger of the glove liner on my typing hand. Of course, it worked well with touch screen devices, but, at times it left me with near-frostbite cold on the fingertips. Since fleece liners don't hold well in the cold by themselves, my whole hand was freezing. While I took the photos and zipped my phone away, my hands were just too cold to checking email or messages.

How To Make Winter Touch Screen Use Bearable

A friend of mine who had seen my altered glove liners and noticed how a mere phone call was a challenge to answer in the cold mentioned that a new technology existed with a fabric that is user friendly to the micro-circuitry in iPhones and iPods.

To me, this was amazing since the touch screen devices are electronically programed to have a certain constant mini-electric charge. The touch of a finger makes the charge change under the spot where your finger touches and somehow, through the magic of electronics, this translates into making the devices work.

Of course, the response of the device is designed to react only to human touch, otherwise the screen would be going crazy every time something touched it. However, the ingenuity of engineers led to the invention of a fabric that would make the touch screen device think it was a human finger and the next step was to integrate this into a glove or liner.

In actuality, it isn't the fabric by itself that does the job, but the fact that the fabric is a conductive thread that transmits between your skin and the touch screen. But, the fact that you still need it in a glove or liner that:
  • Has durable pads
  • Works all the time
  • Stands up to the cold
  • Adds warmth
  • Fits the hand well(the right size men/women)

Notice that I said 'durable pads' - plural - are needed. That's because this present generation of iPhones allows editing photos with two simultaneous finger touches and the index and thumb are the easiest to perform the function - which is why I cut the two tips off. I'm sure future devices will offer even more multi-finger tasking.

Seirus SoundTouch Dynamax Glove Liner Is a Serious Solution

I looked at a couple of liners advertised as having touchscreen control technology with the biggest consideration of mine being the warmth factor in the dead of winter. The Seirus SoundTouch Dynamax Glove Liner was the warmest. In fact, it could easily be used as a stand alone glove on mild winter or spring skiing days.

The Seirus liner is made with a Seirus' exclusive, hollow-core poly fiber, Micro Denier, dual density Thermax. They come in a range of unisex sizes - Junior, Small, Medium, Large and X-large. The touchscreen pads are thick and do not overlap with the thumb or forefinger.

Another big plus with The Seirus SoundTouch Dynamax Glove Liner is it's a silicone palm print which helps keep the phone from slipping out of your grips, especially on a chairlift. I am also impressed with the form fit allowed with the poly fiber construction and the tight cuff that keeps out snow.

The only caveat I have is that you must be careful trying to carry wet skis while wearing only the liner, because wet or snowy skis are slippery can be the silicone palms.

The Seirus SoundTouch Dynamax Glove Liner comes at a very reasonable price and will make your iPhone and iPad use much more enjoyable on the slopes. Here's more information on the Seirus SoundTouch Dynamax Glove Liner.

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