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Grandoe VIP Custom Design Ski Gloves

Design Your Own Ski Gloves


Grandoe VIP Custom Design Ski Gloves

Grandoe VIP Custom Ski Gloves

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Here's a unique, custom design, one-of-a-kind ski glove by Grandoe, just in time for Christmas ordering. When I say unique, I mean you can't get any more unique because, you are the designer and you make choices as to what colors go where.

The glove is a Grandoe Comfort V6 Tundra model, a high performance snowsport glove engineered with three levels of insulation. The Tundra is designed so that the insulation is strategically placed in 6 separate zones to optimize feel and dexterity while insuring warmth and comfort.

The glove is divided into 3 sections of GX4, a high performance nylon and four sections of Micro Vortex, a tear resistant nylon - both the GX4 and the Micro Vortex are exclusive to Grandoe gloves.

Design Your Gloves

Go to Grandoe Sports and click on the VIP Custom Design glove, then click to choose the color of each of the seven individual sections, picking each section's color from a pallet of eight colors. Each section's color that you choose shows up on the template and then, when you're satisfied, you get to put the pièce de résistance on your gloves - a combination of up to 12 letters, numbers and spaces - no bad stuff allowed. Then, you have your very own, uniquely colored and personalized Grandoe gloves.

This is a great holiday gift for your favorite skier - even if that's yourself. Just remember, once ordered it takes up to 6 weeks for delivery.

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