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Ski Tips from Chalky White


Ski Tips from Chalky White
Chalky White
Here are tips for all level skiers - from beginner to expert - from Chalky White, author of The 7 Secrets of Skiing and Ski Instructor at Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Chalky White on The 7 Secrets of Skiing:

"I'm the author of the, #1 bestseller on Amazon.com, "How to Ski" book, Chalky White's, The 7 Secrets of Skiing.

The '7 Secrets' or steps are fundamental to all skiers, beginner to expert, no matter what level they have attained. Fact! Even World Cup and Olympic skiers cannot defy basic physics for very long, if they are to be successful. The '7 Secrets' philosophy, wholly and accurately adheres to physics.

Top 7 Secrets of Skiing

All skiers, all of the time, gain their power to operate their physical bodies and skis from being dynamically balanced; dynamic in this sense, being the ability to, when possible, recover balance when it's lost. That said, there is still one extremely major ingredient that I must mention - it is, Athletic Stance. That is, a stance on your skis set up in such a way, that it allows the skier to dynamically balance or, it offers the ability to recover balance.

No skier on earth can expect to become truly efficient, in any area of skiing, unless an Athletic Stance is either constantly adopted or, when partially lost, it can be recovered.

The 'secrets' are set up in such a way that they seamlessly fit one into two, two into three and so on. Plus because, the '7 secrets' are set up to adhere to physics, any skier, again no matter at what level, can further develop from them or, use them as a problem solver to rectify matters when, as they surely sometimes will, technique(s) go awry.

More good news! Physics doesn't change - i.e Gravity is the great controller. So, fundamentally, The 7 Secrets of Skiing will never become completely obsolete; they will always work; that, even as equipment further evolves and, skiers and coaches find ways to be even more efficient - again physics cannot and will not change.

Therefore, the ski tips you read here will always help you. The '7 secrets' and the ski tips you find here, are as I've proven for many years, completely reliable. I'm hopeful that my tips will help you greatly, long into the future.

Never forget, skiing is a constant series of linked recoveries - The 7 Secrets of Skiing were constructed to help you find ways by adhering to the laws of physics to, consistently, make those, all vital, linked balance recoveries. Thanks for reading my page. Believe in accurate information and SUCCEED - where too many, don't. Get skiing, be safe and have fun."

Ski Tips from Chalky White

Ankle Flex Test
For every skiing level, from beginner to expert, balance is the key to success and balance on skis comes from a good stance with ankles flexed. Here's how to do an ankle flex test to check your balance.

Drill For Steering Skis
You don't hear a lot about what to do with your heels while skiing and as Chalky White says it's best to not to anything but keep your heels still. Here is a good exercise for intermediate skiers to learn to steer with their toes.

Keep Your Head Up and Eyes Level
Keep your eye-line level when you ski? Does it work? It must! Why? Because, skiing or not, maintenance of a horizontal eye-line is critical to every balance related thing that we do. Here's how.

Keep Your Toes Up
Remembering to keep your toes up using the $100 Dollar Bill trick will help every skier, from beginner to expert, to keep the ankles flexed at all times and in differing terrain.

Kid Rock - Learn Athletic Stance for Skiing
Kid, woman or man, the ROCK that is your athletic stance is, without doubt, the one most important skiing skill you will ever develop. Here's how to learn it.

The Slow Ski Race
The ability to control speed, at will, is key to the safety and the Slow Ski Race helps kids to learn to control speed for safe skiing.

The 7 Secrets of Skiing
Chalky White's book The 7 Secrets of Skiing (available in print and Kindle) brings a new approach to instilling confidence in beginners and moving skiers of every ability to a new comfort level and in so doing makes them a better skier.

About Chalky White
Chalky White is a long-term member of the esteemed Beaver Creek Ski School in Colorado and the author of the #1 "How to Ski" bestseller on Amazon.com The 7 Secrets of Skiing, which includes hundreds more tips from for skiers of all levels.

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