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Women's Downhill Olympic Skiing Medal Winners


Women's Downhill Olympic Skiing Medal Winners

Lindsey Vonn, USA, winner of the Women's Downhill gold medal at the Vancouver Olympic games in 2010.

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The following is a list of the women's downhill Olympic medal winners.

Women's Olympic Downhill Medal Winners Women's Olympic Downhill Medal Winners 1948 St. Moritz

  • Gold:Hedy Schlunegger (Switzerland)
  • Silver: Trude Beiser (Austria)
  • Bronze: Resi Hammerer (Austria)

1952 Oslo

  • Gold: Trude Jochum-Beiser (Austria)
  • Silver: Annemarie Buchner (Germany)
  • Bronze: Giuliana Minuzzo (Italy)

1956 Cortina d'Ampezzo

  • Gold: Madeleine Berthod (Switzerland)
  • Silver: Frieda Danzer (Switzerland)
  • Bronze: Lucille Wheeler (Canada)
1960 Squaw Valley
  • Gold: Heidi Biebl (Germany)
  • Silver: Penelope Pitou (USA)
  • Bronze: Traudl Hecher (Austria)

1964 Innsbruck

  • Gold:Christl Haas (Austria)
  • Silver: Edith Zimmermann (Austria)
  • Bronze: Traudl Hecher (Austria)

1968 Grenoble

  • Gold: Olga Pall (Austria)
  • Silver: Isabelle Mir (France)
  • Bronze: Christl Haas (Austria)

1972 Sapporo

  • Gold: Marie-Theres Nadig (Switzerland)
  • Silver: Annemarie Proll (Austria)
  • Bronze: Susan Corrock (USA)

1976 Innsbruck

  • Gold: Rosi Mittermaier (West Germany)
  • Silver: Brigitte Totschnig (Austria)
  • Bronze: Cindy Nelson (USA)

1980 Lake Placid

  • Gold: Annemarie Moser-Proll (Austria)
  • Silver: Hanni Wenzel (Liechtenstein)
  • Bronze: Marie-Theres Nadig (Switzerland)

1984 Sarajevo

  • Gold: Michela Figini (Switzerland)
  • Silver: Maria Walliser (Switzerland)
  • Bronze: Olga Charvatova (Czechoslovakia)

1988 Calgary

  • Gold: Marina Keihl (West Germany)
  • Silver: Brigitte Oertli (Switzerland)
  • Bronze: Karen Percy (Canada)

1992 Albertville

  • Gold: Kerrin Lee-Gartner (Canada)
  • Silver: Hilary Lindh (USA)
  • Bronze: Veronika Wallinger (Austria)
1994 Lillehammer
  • Gold: Katja Seizinger (Germany)
  • Silver: Picabo Street (USA)
  • Bronze: Isolde Kostner (Italy)

1998 Nagano

  • Gold: Katja Seizinger (Germany)
  • Silver: Pernilla Wiberg (Sweden)
  • Bronze: Florence Masnada (France)

2002 Salt Lake City

  • Gold: Carole Montillet (France)
  • Silver: Isolde Kostner (Italy)
  • Bronze: Renate Gotschl (Austria)

2006 Turin

  • Gold: Michaela Dorfmeister (Austria)
  • Silver: Martina Schild (Switzerland)
  • Bronze: Anja Pason (Sweden)

2010 Vancouver

  • Gold: Lindsey Vonn (USA)
  • Silver: Julia Mancuso (USA)
  • Bronze: Elisabeth Gorgl (Austria)

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