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Men's Downhill Olympic Skiing Medal Winners


Men's Downhill Olympic Skiing Medal Winners

Didier Defago, Switzerland, winner of the Olympic Gold Medal in the 2010 Men's Downhill.

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The following is a list of the men's downhill Olympic medal winners.

Men's Downhill Olympic Skiing Medal Winners 1948 - 2010

1948 St. Moritz

  • Gold: Henri Oreiller (France)
  • Silver: Franz Gabi (Austria)
  • Bronze: Karl Molitor (Switzerland)
1952 Oslo
  • Gold: Zeno Colo (Italy)
  • Silver: Othmar Schneider (Austria)
  • Bronze: Christian Pravda (Austria)
1956 Cortina d'Ampezzo
  • Gold: Toni Sailer (Austria)
  • Silver: Raymond Fellay (Switzerland)
  • Bronze: Anderl Molterer (Austria)
1960 Squaw Valley
  • Gold: Jean Vuarnet (France)
  • Silver: Hans-Peter Lanig (Germany)
  • Bronze: Guy Perillat (France)
1964 Innsbruck
  • Gold: Egon Zimmermann (Austria)
  • Silver: Leo Lacroix (France)
  • Bronze: Wolfgang Bartels (Germany)
1968 Grenoble
  • Gold: Jean-Claude Killy (France)
  • Silver: Guy Perillat (France)
  • Bronze: Jean-Daniel Datwyler (Switzerland)
1972 Sapporo
  • Gold: Bernhard Russi (Switzerland)
  • Silver:Roland Collombin (Switzerland)
  • Bronze: Heinric Messner (Austria)
1976 Innsbruck
  • Gold: Franz Klammer (Austria)
  • Silver: Bernhard Russi (Switzerland)
  • Bronze: Herbert Plank (Italy)
1980 Lake Placid
  • Gold: Leonhard Stock (Austria)
  • Silver: Peter Wirnsberger (Austria)
  • Bronze: Steve Podborski (Canada)
1984 Sarajevo
  • Gold: Bill Johnson (USA)
  • Silver: Peter Muller (Switzerland)
  • Bronze: Anton Steiner (Austria)
1988 Calgary
  • Gold: Pirmin Zurbriggen (Switzerland)
  • Silver: Peter Muller (Switzerland)
  • Bronze: Franck Piccard (France)
1992 Albertville
  • Gold: Patrick Ortlieb (Austria)
  • Silver: Franck Piccard (France)
  • Bronze: Gunther Mader (Austria)
1994 Lillehammer
  • Gold: Tommy Moe (USA)
  • Silver: Kjetil Andre Aamodt (Norway)
  • Bronze: Ed Podivinsky (Canada)
1998 Nagano
  • Gold: Jean-Luc Cretier (France)
  • Silver: Lasse Kjus (Norway)
  • Bronze: Hannes Trinkl (Austria)
2002 Salt Lake City
  • Gold: Fritz Strobl (Austria)
  • Silver: Lasse Kjus (Norway)
  • Bronze: Stephan Eberharter (Austria)
2006 Turin
  • Gold: Antoine Deneriaz (France)
  • Silver: Michael Walchhofer (Austria)
  • Bronze: Bruno Kernen (Switzerland)
2010 Vancouver
  • Gold: Didier Defago (Switzerland)
  • Silver: Aksel Lund Svindal (Norway)
  • Bronze: Bode Miller (USA)

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