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Summer Ski Camps

Summer Ski Camps


The ski season doesn't have to end in the spring, and for skiers who partake in summer ski camps, it doesn't! Summer ski camps provide a secure environment where campers can refine their skills while enjoying the summer snow. While most ski camps are designed for teenagers, there are many camps that offer adult-only sessions. In parallel, most camps are designed for racers or freestyle skiing, but you can still find organizations that provide programs for all-mountain skiers of all ability levels. Here's a list of summer ski camps, which are located across North America, in South America, and in Europe.

Dave Murray Ski and Snowboard Camp

Dave Murray Ski and Snowboard Camp is the longest running ski and snowboard camp, located in Whistler, in Canada. The organization operates out of a private glacier facility, and offers freestyle skiing, alpine racing, and snowboard camps. Children as young as seven are invited to attend, and there are adult sessions, as well. Beginners are welcome, and the camp has some of the best female coaches in the industry to cater to the girls in the camp. Camps run in late June and early July, for either five days (costing $1,195) or eight days (at $2,195).

The Camp of Champions

The Camp of Champions, in Whistler, B.C., has the largest private freestyle park in the world. Campers practice on the park from 8am-3pm each day, receiving coaching the entire time in a small group setting. Sessions are eight days long; overnight camps cost $1,885, day camps cost $1,485, and the "Park Access Only" camp sans coaching or accommodations costs $695. The camps run throughout June and July. Off-slope activities include skateboarding, BMX, dryslope sliding surfaces, and paint ball.

Evolve Chile

Evolve Chile, a ski and snowboard camp for teens, hosts camps throughout July and August. Most camps are for kids ages 13-18, but the organization offers an adults-only session as well. With a focus on terrain parks and big mountain skiing, campers are provided with pro-coaching. Bonus features of the trip include guest pro-coaching and team visits, surfing instruction, a mountain bike tour, and Spanish lessons. Most of the camps are around $2,000, though prices increase up to $3,200, depending on dates and type of camp.

Freestyle America

Freestyle America is the longest running free style camp in the nation, and its alumni included top-notch athletes, such as Vancouver Gold Medalist Hannah Kearney, and Junior World Slopestyle Champion, Jamie Crane-Mauzy. The organization offers summer snow camps in Whistler, B.C., which run in June and July for sixteen days, or eight. Freestyle America also has a freeskiing camp in Mount Hood, Oregon,, a trampoline training camp in Campton, New Hampshire, and a water ramp camp in Lake Placid, New York.

Mogul Logic Summer Ski Camp

Mogul Logic's freestyle skiing camp is based in Whistler, B.C. Campers receive on-snow training from top coaches, who focus on a safe and comprehensive progression from trampolines, to water ramps, to snow. Camps run in June and July, and there is even a week specifically for adults. Prices range from $1,500-$2m000 for kids' camps, depending on the package chosen. Adult camps start at "Coaching Only" camp for $2,800, to the deluxe "Platinum Package" at $10,500, which includes perks such as private accommodations, one-on-one private ski lessons with top-notch trainers, and complimentary fine dining meals.

Momentum Ski Camps

Momentum is a skiers-only camp, with a focus on free style. The camp has rails, parks, bumps, jumps, and steeps for its skiers, with a focus on safe learning progression. Based out of Whistler, B.C., Momentum offers slopestyle and halfpipe camps, moguls camp, a girls only camp, and adult camps. Camps run in June and July for eight or nine days, ranging from $1,300-$2,000 depending on which package you select. You can purchase a full package, or an skiing-only package that excludes activities, accommodations, meals, and airport transfers.

Mount Hood Summer Ski Camp

Mount Hood Summer Ski Camps, located in northern Oregon, has been hosting ski and snowboard camps since 1979. The camps - which include a ski race camp, mogul camp, free style camp, and camps for boarders - are one week long and run all throughout June, July and August. The organization offers dates in the spring and fall, as well, and camps cost between $600-$1,200, depending on the date. In addition to on-mountain training and fun, campers enjoy afternoon activities, such as white water rafting, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, wind surfing, and paintball. Camp alumni include Ted Ligety and Julia Mancuso, both gold-medal winning ski racers.

Mount Hood Saas Fee Camp

Mount Hood Summer Ski Camps also hosts camps in Europe. Operating in early September, Saas Fee Ski Camps are more of an early autumn session than a summer one, but campers are still treated to great snow - which they wouldn't be able to access in most other ski resorts - in the Oberwalis region of Switzerland. The camp is for ski racers only, and is open to both children and adults, though kids under 15 must be accompanied by a parent. The camp offers top-notch race training of the intermediate and advanced variety.

National Alpine Ski Camp

National Alpine Ski Camp offers summer ski camps at Mount Hood, Oregon, and a Thanksgiving ski camp at Copper Mountain, Colorado. The camp, which centers around ski racing, has produced more past and present U.S. ski team members and coaches than any other commercial ski camp. Campers train with some of the best coaches and trainers, and recreational activities include rock climbing, windsurfing, rafting, swimming, hiking, ball sports, and dry-land training. Most camps are ten days long, though the organization also offers seven and twenty-one day camps. Prices range between $1,395 and $1,695.

Planet Ski International

Planet Ski International offers on-snow freestyle and mogul camps in Whistler, B.C., and ramp training camps in Lake Placid, New York. Mogul and freestyle sessions are available in June and July, for either eight or sixteen days. PSI offers ramp camps in Lake Placid all throughout the summer, and the organization sometimes offers mogul camps in Australia and New Zealand. All participants must be members of the USSA, the national governing body of Olympic skiing and snowboarding, and the PSI provides instructions for USSA registration if skiers aren't already signed up.
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